Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Premiere Event

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Tonight’s episode of Love And Hip Hop Hollywood was all about lost love and tested loyalty as several cast members were forced to face the things….and people…..keeping them from attaining true happiness or showcasing authentic loyalty.

Without further ado, let’s get into the recap of LHHH season 2, episode 2.

Rich rents an L.A. condo for a week where he surprises Moniece with a romantic rooftop dinner.  When Moniece asks him over dinner if he’s thought about her proposition that he move to L.A., he says that while he loves her to death, he wants to take things slow and see how his week-long visit goes. To Rich’s dismay, his fantasy night with Moniece takes a turn for the weird when she suggests that he have a vasectomy given that she doesn’t want anymore children AND given that he’s a well-documented member of the “LHHNY creep squad.”

Later while enjoying some time at the pool, Rich tells Moinece that he’s bothered by the tattoo she got as an ode to her first boyfriend when she was 18 and asks her to have it covered up. She agrees under the condition that he agrees to move to L.A. for good.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Premiere Event

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Teairra Mari reveals that she and Nikki have teamed up to put on a joint fashion show for their blazer and lingerie lines. They meet up with modeling agent and new cast member Nas to discuss getting the best models for their show. While discussing the fashion show, the ladies are both taken back when Nas changes the subject and reveals that she’s been having man trouble with her lover Soulja Boy. Nas says she and Soulja Boy have been dealing with each other on and off for years and have even slept together as recently as two weeks ago. She rounds out her confession hour by revealing that she and Nia were best friends before Soulja Boy came into the picture, but says Nia was originally just a fling while she was the one dating him first. Nikki jumps in, letting Nas know that she’s a friend of Nia’s, who seems to be very much in a serious relationship with Soulja Boy. Teiarra agrees and advises Nas to remove herself from the equation given that Soulja Boy has never tried to hide his relationship with Nia from the public eye. The conversation ends with Nas reassuring the ladies that she’ll find them the best models for their upcoming fashions show despite her personal drama and inviting them to attend one of her boot camp workout classes to prepare for the show.

Teairra attends a promotional photo shoot for her new blazer line where Miles’ ex-girlfriend Amber is the model. Teiarra invites Moniece to come along to the shoot and introduces the two ladies when Amber takes a break. After being questioned again by Teiarra about who her mystery man is, Moniece finally reveals that it’s Rich, much to the surprise of both ladies. The conversation then turns to Amber, who tells Teiarra that although she and Miles are still broken up, it feels like they are still together when they are in the studio. Teiarra brings the ladies up to speed about her moment of truth with Princess at Apryll’s pamper party, but Moniece is not in favor of their possibly-budding friendship after being privy to all that Teiarra went through with both Princess and Ray J last season. Teiarra also reveals that Princess reached out to her after the pamper party and asked her to meet up for drinks and says she plans to meet her but is remaining cautious.

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Teairra and Princess later meet for drinks, where Princess opens up to Teairra again. She says she now feels they could possibly form a friendship. Teiarra redirects the convo to ask Princess where she stands in her relationships with Ray and Princess insists that she has one foot out the door and will leave if there’s “one more incident.” Teiarra is skeptical about Princess leaving Ray anytime soon but encourages her to find a life of her own outside of her relationship and invites her to a party.

Nikki and Nia go on a shopping outing where Nikki tells Nia about Nas saying she’s still been dating Soulja Boy. Nia gives her side of the story, and says she introduced Nas to Soulja Boy when he was her boyfriend but later found out that Nas slept with him when they were on a break. Nikki is taken aback by Nia’s somewhat calm reaction to hearing about Nas’ claims and questions Nia on whether or not she and Soulja Boy have an open relationship. Nia tells Nikki that dating an entertainer “comes with a lot” and says since she’s the one who spends every day with Soulja Boy, she’s content and knows her place. Nikki then tells Nia about Nas’ bootcamp and Nia says she’ll definitely be coming along to see what Nas has to say for herself.

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Milan gets even more frustrated with Miles when he misses their date night. Meanwhile, Miles meets up with Amber at her daughter Zoey’s dance rehearsal and reveals that he’s been in her daughter’s life since her father passed when she was young. He says he’s fearful that coming out will jeopardize his relationship with Amber’s daughter and that Milan will have to accept that he’s just not ready to destroy his other relationships by coming out.

As Princess heads to her car for her night out with Teairra, Ray J pulls up in her driveway and begins questioning her about where she’s going. They talk briefly about Ray J’s wild apartment party before Princess gets in her car as Ray J continues to express his disapproval of her outfit, her overnight bag and her plans for the night. He is unpleasantly surprised when she tells him that she’s spoken with Teairra.

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In light of Princess revealing that she’s spoken with Teiarra, Ray J reaches out to Teairra asking to meet up and talk. When Ray immediately launches into his frustration after learning that she and Princess had talked, Teairra says she thought Ray J wanted to meet up to apologize for claiming she had oral sex with Yung Berg in a back alley during last year’s LHHH reunion show. He insists that his intentions were not to hurt her and they continue the conversation about what she said to Princess. She updates Ray on exactly what was said during their conversation and then asks what they are doing to each other after noticing that he doesn’t look any happier than Princess did when they spoke.

Nikki and Teairra show up at Nas’ bootcamp session but their training comes to a halt when Nia and Apryll show up. Nas immediately approaches Nia and says that they need to talk. Nia admits that they used to be friends but says that they aren’t anymore and things escalate quickly hen Nia threatens to punch Nas in her face. Nia becomes furious when Nas admits to her that she’s still sleeping with Soulja Boy. A shouting match erupts when Nia reminds Nas that she met Soulja Boy through her. Security carries Nas away as she begins shouting obscenities about her intimate relationship with Soulja Boy.


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