What a time to be alive in reality TV!

This week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was all about following through on intuition, confronting cheating lovers and turning up when….and when not…necessary.

Teairra attempts to make peace with Hazel, Nas pops up on Soulja Boy at the studio, Milan accuses Miles of cheating and Fizz finds is way back into the drama. With all these emotions running wild, it made us wonder how Drake and Future might react to some of the foolery that took place on tonight’s episode, so it was only right that we enlist their  help with this week’s LHHH recap.

Let’s get started!

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Teairra reaches out to Hazel to meet up for drinks in hopes of fixing their friendship. Hazel starts the conversation by thanking Teairra for calling to check on her when her grandfather passed and then launches right into the topic of why they fell out in the first place. When she begins to tell Teairra that she felt the relationship between she and Berg was inappropriate, Teairra interrupts her to insist that despite the allegations from both Ray J and Berg, she did not perform oral sex on him at any point in their friendship.

Hazel still doesn’t believe Teairra but says she’s willing to put the issue behind them after Teairra does admit to being wrong for the way that she “befriended” Berg and asked him to help her with music knowing that he was on bad terms with Hazel.

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Ray J meets up with new cast member “Lil B” in the park to discuss his relationship problems with Princess. Lil B reveals that she is the goddaughter of Whitney Houston and met Ray through her. She says she’s also a rapper, singer and wife to a well-known producer.

Ray J tells Lil B of his frustration over Princess forming a friendship with Teairra and even recently taking her along to a party at….wait for it….Drake’s house.

The conversation changes to Lil B’s husband Lux and she’s surprised to hear that he and Ray J are getting in the studio together soon. When she becomes visibly irritated at the thought of her husband hanging around Ray J, he advises her to stop being apprehensive about them working together. Lil B then tells Ray J that Lux’s past infidelities make it difficult for her not to be worried.

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Later, Nikki and Lil B pop up at Ray J and Lux’s studio session. Lil B becomes irate when she sees a woman in the studio engaging in flirtatious conversation with Lux. She immediately attacks the woman, who says she didn’t know Lux was married.

Lil B then turns her attention to Lux as he’s restraining her and says it’s his fault that the woman didn’t know he was married because he isn’t wearing a wedding ring.

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Soulja Boy is startled when Nas pops up at a video shoot taking place at his house to confront him about the current status of their relationship following her run in with Nia. He tells Nas that she knew about his relationship with Nia before they got involved and doesn’t understand why she has a problem with it now.

They briefly argue outside before Nas inevitably tells Soulja Boy that he has to either choose to be with her or with Nia. He apologizes to her for being misleading but advises her not to show up to his house unannounced again.

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Lil Fizz visits a girl he’s dating named Kamiah to get his house keys back from her. He says he allowed her to stay in house while he was out of town, but is hoping that she didn’t get the wrong message in the meantime.

Kamiah feels that things are beginning to move forward with she and Fizz, but is worried about him seeming distant while he was out of town.

Fizz says he hopes to continue to keep things casual with Kamiah and is not looking to be tied down to one girl.

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Nia meets with Apryll and new cast member Shanda Taylor to discuss what happened with Nas at the workout session in the park. When both Apryll and Shanda inquire as to who Nas is and why she’s claiming to be sleeping with Soujla Boy, Nia gives them a run down of her history with Nas.

Although Nia admits that Soulja Boy did sleep with Nas, she says she won’t allow her to come in and mess up their relationship.


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Hazel meets up with Milan to discuss his drama with Miles and fill him in on her meet up with Teairra. Milan is still against Hazel rekindling her friendship with Teiarra given their history, but she reassures him that things are smooth between them for now. When Hazel changes the subject to Milan’s “secret” relationship with Miles, Milan reveals to Hazel that he suspects Miles might be cheating.

Later, Milan confronts Miles about their relationship when he stops by to visit. When Milan tells Miles that he has grown tired of being ‘a secret’ and suspects him of cheating, Miles becomes angry and leaves.

Nia meets up with Nas “for drinks” to discuss their heated confrontation during the workout session. The two women talk calmly for a few seconds, but it’s not long before they begin hurling insults at each other. Nas drops a semi-bombshell by revealing that before she slept with Soulja Boy behind Nia’s back, Nia slept with two men whom she was dealing with behind her back.

Nia continues warning Nas to leave Soulja Boy alone and ends up throwing a drink on her before security breaks them apart.

Fizz meets up with Omarion and new cast member Willie Taylor to vent about his frustration with Kamiah moving more of her things into his house than he’d told her was allowed. Both guys advise Fizz to talk to Kamiah and make sure they are on the same page with regard to his bachelor lifestyle.

During an indoor rock-climbing outing, Fizz talks to Kamiah about moving so much of her stuff into his house and she immediately becomes defensive when he reminds her that she’s not the only woman he’s currently dating.

She says she thought that they were both in agreement about moving things forward since he introduced her to his mother and son, but Fizz says while he may have felt that way at first, he’s since changed his mind and would like to keep their relationship more casual. Kamiah decides that a casual relationship with Fizz isn’t what she wants and says she’ll come by his house to pick up her things later.


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