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The Game at "The Documentary" 10th Anniversary Party And Concert

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Slim Jesus has caught the attention of just about everyone since the release of his viral hit “Drill Time” last month. From Puff Daddy to Meek Mill and Vince Staples, everybody has had something to say about the 19-year-old Hamilton, Ohio artist.

Recently chopping it up with Complex, Compton, Calif. rapper The Game offered his two cents and weighed in on the conversation.

“I think that Slim Jesus either really better be f-cking killing or he’s gonna get his ass smoked,” The Game says. “I worry about kids these days rapping about things that they’re not really about. I mean it’s cool, it’s dope, I saw Slim Jesus and I thought he was cool. I was like, ‘Sh-t, there’s a White boy with f-cking guns and he’s ready to f-cking kill sh-t.’”

Although he admits that his initial reaction to Slim Jesus was a positive one, The Game notes that following the release of the rapper’s interview with VladTVwhere he admitted that he’s not really about the life that he portrays in his rhymes—his outlook on him changed.

“Then I seen the other sh-t when he was like, ‘I don’t really do this.’ It’s too late, and you’ve got people that are really doing that who are offended,” The Game adds.

The Game also advices Slim Jesus to tread carefully following the release of Lil Mouse’s Slim Jesus diss track, “Kill Time.” The cut features the young Chicago emcee taking offence at Slim’s music and his use of the “Drill” style.

“This sh-t ain’t no game and this sh-t ain’t no joke / Don’t rap about it if you don’t be around it, you gon’ f-ck around and get smoked,” Lil Mouse raps.

“I heard the Lil Mouse thing and like I said, if he responds to that then the homies in the suburbs might not be riding with that. It’s tricky, man, but sometimes I think it’s sad because lives can be lost when playing those games. Be careful, Slim Jesus.”

The Game’s interview with Complex can be viewed here.


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