Tonight’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was full of messiness with a hint of progress sprinkled in between for one of the season’s newest couples. Let’s get right into the recap!

Kamiah meets up with her “good friend” Jason Lee to vent about her drama with Fizz. Jason is a gossip blogger but insists that he’s more interested in catching up with Kamiah than getting dirt at the moment. She gives him a run down of her last conversation with Fizz that resulted tin hem agreeing to call it quits and he’s shocked when she also claims that Fizz had problems “getting it up” during their sex sessions.

Miles visits Hazel at the studio to get some advice on how he should handle his situation with Milan. He explains to Hazel that he doesn’t think Milan understands his dilemma with not wanting to come out as a gay rapper. She informs Miles that Milan suspects him of cheating, but is relieved to hear him deny that there’s anyone else. Miles then opens up to Hazel about not being ready to explain his lifestyle to his family and friends. He also reveals that he is a former youth pastor and doesn’t want to let the children at his church down by coming out. Hazel tells him that she understands how he feels but says Miles needs to do something big to reassure Milan that he is serious about their relationship if he doesn’t want to lose him.

Fizz pops up at the club and runs into Nikki partying with Nia, Princess and Teairra. He steals her away from the dance floor to talk and they catch up on what they’ve both been up to lately. After they reassure each other that they’re single and Nikki expresses her dislike for Kamiah insulting her on social media, Nikki agrees to let Fizz take her out on another date.

Ray J tells Princess that he doesn’t think she should be hanging out with Teairra (or partying at Drake’s house without his knowledge.) Princess says he should trust her to hang out with whomever she’d like just as she is expected to trust him to do the same. Ray J disagrees on the basis that he believes the expectations are different because she’s a woman. When he asks her if they can get back on the same page, Princess agrees that that’s what she wants as well, but says she won’t go back to being a woman who sits in the house and doesn’t have a life apart from him.

Brandi confronts Max about him being surrounded by women in the studio without his wedding ring and not coming home following their fight. In response, Max asks why he should wear a ring to represent his ties to a “crazy person” like Brandi. Brandi then insists if the tables were turned and he found her ringless around a bunch of men, he would divorce her immediately. When Max replies by saying that he sometimes feels his life would be a lot easier by himself, Brandi again asks him to stop playing games with his wedding ring, which prompts him to leave while insisting that his wedding ring means nothing to him. He then reveals that he purposely leaves his ring at home whenever he leaves the house to show Brandi that until she learns to trust him, things won’t be right between them. Brandi follows him outside, where she begs him not to make a scene in front of their neighbors just before he throws his wedding ring into the yard. Brandi goes to stand in front of Max’s car just as he is about to pull off, but he manages to still leave by driving in reverse down the street to avoid hitting her.

Fizz meets up with Apryl for lunch to fill her in on his dating life. Jason Lee “randomly” shows up at the restaurant and joins Apryl and Fizz. After briefly speaking to Apryl, Jason turns his attention to Fizz and lets him know about the conversation he had with Kamiah about their recent blow up. When Jason insinuates that Fizz led her on, Fizz and Apryl both inform him that he was never in a relationship with Kamiah and that they were only dating. Jason then questions whether or not it was the sex that led Kamiah to believe things were more serious and when Fizz suggests that it’s not his fault if good sex caused her to become more attached, Jason tells him of Kamaya’s comments that the sex actually wasn’t that good. Fizz insists that if he and Kamaya were equally fond of each other’s bedroom skills, she’d still be in the picture and questions her decision to talk to a blogger about their sex life.

Miles invites Milan out on a dinner date in Hollywood to discuss their relationship problems. Milan recognizes that the gesture is a big deal because it’s the first time Miles has initiated a public outing since they’ve been dating. Miles tells Milan he hopes the gesture proves how serious he is about not wanting to lose him. When Milan tells him that he greatly appreciates his effort, Miles than takes it a step further, insisting that he’ll do whatever it takes to prove he wants Miles in his life. Milan is genuinely shocked when Miles suggests that they both get matching tattoos before then showing Milan that he’s already gotten an “MnM” tattoo as an ode to their relationship. They share their first kiss in public in celebration of the tattoo.

While out doing some shopping together, Princess tells Apryl that she suspects Teairra of setting her up by inviting her out to the party at Drake’s house and then telling Ray J about it, even though Teairra told her not to tell anyone. Apryl insists to Princess that Teairra is done with Ray J, but Princess remains skeptical, questioning Teairra’s motives for agreeing to befriend her. Apryl tells Princess that she should just ask Teiarra if she told Ray J about the party, but Princess doesn’t think Teiarra will be truthful, so she instead devises a plan to see if Teiarra is taking information about their new friendship back to Ray J. With Apryl watching, Princess sends Teairra a text message inviting her on a trip to Vegas to see if she’ll tell Ray J about the invitation.

Later, while having lunch with Moniece and Amber, Teairra sends Ray J a text message, telling him about Princess inviting her to Vegas .

Nikki meets up with Jason Lee to ask him to help her promote her lingerie line and also invites Hazel to join them to get some tips on PR strategies. Nikki is blindsided when Jason claims that Hazel is lying about being a former celebrity publicist just before Hazel shows up. When Hazel arrives, she and Jason immediately began arguing. Things escalate quickly and their shouting match ends with Jason throwing a drink in Hazel’s face before walking out of the restaurant.

Fizz and Nikki are finishing breakfast at his house when Kamiah shows up to get her things. Kamiah is surprised to see Nikki sitting on the kitchen counter in lingerie when she arrives, but they both greet each other in a seemingly pleasant manner anyway. Nikki immediately begins to question Kamiah about the negative things she’s been saying about her and it’s not long before things go left, with Kamya questioning whether or not Nikki and Fizz are now sleeping together. Fizz responds by telling Kamya to get her things and leave his house. Kamiah becomes irate when Nikki points out a care package that she made for her and ends up throwing the care package at Nikki and striking Fizz in the face before security steps in to restrain her. They attempt to let her back in to get her things, but remove her again when she throws the care package at Nikki yet again before Fizz throws his drink on her.


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