Sometimes, change can be a good thing, right? Well, after becoming a social media behemoth, Twitter is looking for new ways to become innovative.

According to Recode, Twitter is looking to add a new product that will enable its users to share tweets beyond 140-characters. Despite it being a company trademark since inception, Twitter is hoping to appease users after receiving complaints about their character limit. For years, there have been internal discussions within the company as to whether they should branch out and experiment with the idea of extending beyond 140-characters.

Before, users weren’t able to tweet massive blocks of texts unless they were using OneShot and even then, those were just images. In the past, Twitter has tried to tinker with its 140-character limit in various ways. One way was removing it on private messages. Another was a “retweet with comment” option that allows users to write beyond the limit when responding to a tweet.

While there isn’t a concrete date or product that will allow this long-form feature to come to fruition, the mere thought of it happening can only benefit Twitter. What do you think?


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