Lauryn Hill

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Is Lauryn Hill closer that anyone imagined to dropping a new album? Her producer says yes.

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is easily one of the greatest albums released in this era across all genres of music, so much so that fans have been holding out hope for a follow up to the critically acclaimed project for well over a decade now, and according to producer Phil Nicolo, the wait may soon be over.

Lauryn Hill

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Released in August of 1998, The Miseducation remains the only studio album from Ms. Hill as a solo artist and in a new interview with Fader, Nicolo says the follow up project will be reminiscent of the same unmatched excellence that captivated the world some 17 years ago.

Since 2010, she has been working quietly and diligently on a new album and a host of politically minded film projects. She began touring again five years ago as a way of exercising artistic muscle and financing her recording plans, says Phil Nicolo, one of her current producers and a founder of Ruffhouse, the Fugees’ original label. According to Nicolo, she is closer than ever to finishing the follow-up to Miseducation.

“When she was first getting back into it, there were times when she wasn’t as positive,” he remembers. “But I think she’s in the best place I’ve ever seen her. She seems happy and very centered. When I see her, her face lights up.”

Nicolo even took it a step further, claiming that said new album from Lauryn is likely just around the corner and that she’s constantly in the studio working to make it happen.

Nicolo says new music is not so far off. Hill is in the studio with him regularly, working on new music, a process that’s been unpredictable but deeply gratifying. He says she’s already built up enough material to release a new album, and that musically, it will harken back to Miseducation. Whereas the few tracks she’s released in recent years feature a stream-of-consciousness that is harsh at times, Nicolo describes this work as “much more musical.” It is political, but also deeply personal, he says.

Given the phenomenal year that 2015 has already been for hip hop a new Lauryn Hill album would most certainly be the cherry on top.


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