It’s 11:45 a.m. and publicist, Greg Miller, is anxiously working the phones trying to get in touch with his artist, The Game. “He always does this,” he tells us as we stand outside of our New York City offices. “Just give us another five minutes.”  Perturbed by his client’s lateness, Miller quickly veers into a discussion about Game’s new project. He begins to talk excitedly about the rapper having a potential heater in his hands.”Carl, he has something amazing coming. I’m telling you. This might be better than the first one,” he says. Today, “this” will be Game’s sequel to his 2005 opus, The Documentary. As Miller gushes about the album’s ability to surpass the first project, questions swarmed my mind. Can Game eclipse his first album? Does he have it in him to deliver another classic?

As I continue to wrestle with these questions, a gray van pulls up. A flock of Game’s (mostly female) supporters jump out of the van and create a path for him to walk. Donning a black adidas hoodie and a fresh pair of Yeezys, Game’s wiry frame leads the way for his team. With 15 people accompanying The Compton rapper on his press run in the city of Gotham, he appears at ease, comfortable, and jubilant knowing that he’s ready to topple his first endeavor.

Despite being embroiled in a number of beefs during his career ranging from 50 Cent and Jay Z, to now Young Thug, Game’s discography has been pretty unblemished. With a resume boasting strong albums and arguably a classic, he has yet to strike out. His last release, Jesus Piecearrived in 2013 and performed admirably on Billboard, selling over 86,000 in its first week and landed in the top-5. While rappers struggle to teeter over the five year mark of their careers, Game has been fortunate enough to double up his time and provide 10 strong years in the game. Lauded for consistency throughout his career, he’s aware of the pressure he faces with his new album. Is he buggin’ for trying to drop a sequel?

So far, he has proven he still can make bangers as he blessed with “100”, “Dedicated,” and more. He sat down with us to explain his reasoning for coming up with The Documentary 2, Dr. Dre giving his stamp of approval, and he even spits us his favorite verse in “I’m Runnin'”from his first album, The Documentary.


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