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Relationship drama was running rampant throughout this week’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. New cast members Willie & Shanda Taylor struggle to financially adjust to their new life in L.A., Miles prepares to tell Amber about his relationship with Milan, Princess gets the results of her test to see if Teairra is playing her, and Soulja Boy comes face-to-face with both of his women in the same room.

Let’s get started with this week’s rundown of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood season 2, episode 5.

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Moniece goes hiking with her mother Marla, where they discuss ways to better their relationship. Moniece tells Marla that she feels she is too judgmental of her lifestyle, but Marla insists that she is only attempting to help her get her priorities straight and ensure that she puts her son Cameron first at all times. The conversation soon turns to Moniece’s relationship with Rich Dollaz, which she is hesitant to discuss with her mother. Marla says that before Rich even has a chance to meet her grandson, he’ll need her approval. Moniece agrees that she will proceed with caution if her mother meets Rich and doesn’t like him.

New cast members Willie Taylor and his wife Shanda finish unpacking after moving from their hometown of Chicago to L.A. to continue pursuing their singing careers. Shanda reveals that they’ve been together for nearly 13 years as they discuss what progress Willie has made in furthering his solo career since their move. Willie says he moved to L.A. to be closer to his record label, but admits that if things don’t go as planned, he’d be letting a lot of people down who support his dreams. When Shanda expresses her concerns with not wanting to penny pinch as they adjust to the changes in their finances following the relocation, Willie reassures her that he won’t let her down.

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After much coercion from Moniece, Rich decides to get a place in L.A. and move in with her. As they are unpacking, Rich is less than enthused when Moniece tells him that she’s arranged for him to meet her mother over dinner. In an effort to convince Rich that the dinner meeting is a good idea, Monience opens up to him about her turbulent history with her mother. She says she believes her mother played a huge role in her losing custody of her son and also contributed to the demise of her relationship with Fizz, but is working to repair their relationship. Rich questions why he’d want to meet her mom given their dysfunctional history.

Later, Moniece, Rich and her mother Marla meet for dinner. Marla instantly questions Rich about the seriousness of his relationship with Moniece given his reputation and the large age gap between them. She then inquires about his rumored child support issues and Rich becomes immediately offended, insisting that despite the speculation, he’s been financially providing for his children without a problem for quite some time. As the conversation continues, Rich fires back at Marla with a jab about her dysfunctional relationship with Moniece. Moniece becomes frustrated with the way the dinner is going and things end on a bad note as Rich quickly grows tired of Marla’s judgmental attitude.

Nas goes to meet up with Soulja Boy but is immediately irritated when she sees that Nia is with him. Nas tells him that she doesn’t have a problem with him being with Nia but questions why he hasn’t stopped dealing with her if that’s the case. When Nas says she has text messages to prove that Soulja Boy has recently been in contact with her, Nia asks to see the messages and is surprised to find that Nas was telling the truth. Nia says she now understands why Nas feels that her relationship with Soulja Boy is more serious than he lets on and questions him on why he’s still claiming to want to be with her if he’s telling Nas that he wants things to work between them.

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Things escalate between the ladies when Nas suggests that Nia should thank her for exposing Soulja Boy’s cheating ways. When Nia says she’ll never thank a “ho” like Nas before later calling her fat, things turn physical. The women briefly begin fighting but are broken apart by the security guards and Soulja Boy himself. Soulja Boy and Nia talk immediately following the fight with Nas and he insists that he loves her while apologizing for things going left with Nas. Nia remains stale-faced as he puts his “most expensive” piece of jewelry around her neck and kisses her to thank her for holding him down.

Milan Christopher

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As Miles moves the last of his things into Milan’s place, he expresses his concern with hurting Amber by coming out as gay. In response, Milan tells Miles that he’s too concerned about his ex’s feelings, but Miles insists that he needs time to figure out the best approach to tell Amber the truth. When Milan threatens to tell Amber himself if Miles doesn’t do it first, Miles changes his mind and reassures Milan that he’ll tell her immediately to avoid having her find out from someone other than him.

Later, Miles heads to Amber’s house to tell her the truth about his sexuality and his relationship with Milan, but admits feeling overwhelmingly nervous and apprehensive. In the end, he stops short of going inside her house and doesn’t tell her as planned. He decides to crash at his aunt’s house for the night rather than going back home to face Milan to tell him that he didn’t tell Amber about their relationship. The next day, Milan accuses Miles of lying about staying at his aunt’s house for the night and suspects that he instead stayed the night with Amber. Milan then reveals that he followed Miles to Amber’s house and becomes increasingly irate as Miles continues to insist that he didn’t actually go inside of Amber’s house but only parked outside before later leaving. Refusing to believe that Miles didn’t spend the night with Amber, Milan kicks Miles out of the apartment and throws his things into the hallway.

Back at their home, Shanda and Willie argue over past due bills and things become heated when she questions whether or not he can pay for the services that are coming close to being cut off. Willie tries to reassure Shanda that he won’t allow things to get to that point, but she remains skeptical and says that she won’t have their children going without the things that they need or want while they adjust to their new life. When Shanda tells Willie that she’s been considering going back to work as an exotic dancer to help make ends meet, he becomes upset at the thought of her stripping again. As Shanda becomes visibly emotional over wanting to help out financially, Willie reassures her that he’s man enough to put his pride aside and ask for her help if and when he needs it, but insists that that’s not the case just yet.

Princess accompanies Ray J to Miami where Lil Wayne makes an appearance for their music video shoot, but she becomes frustrated with Ray J not allowing her to come to the set and instead telling her to stay put in their hotel room. Against his wishes, she decides to go sit outside of his trailer and wait for him, eager to find out whether or not Teairra spilled the beans to him about their fake Vegas trip. Ray J is unpleasantly surprised to see Princess sitting outside of his trailer following his video shoot and tells her again that he’s not happy about her newfound friendship with Teairra. When he tells her that Teiarra told him about their “Vegas trip” Princess admits that she only made fake plans with Teairra because she suspected her of bringing information back to him.

Their conversation ends with them breaking up, as Ray J points out that neither of them trust each other and Princess reveals that she lost all respect for Ray J as a man when he let her go to jail following their fight in Vegas.


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