Young Thug‘s Slime Season is a great mixtape, but it gained extra attention for featuring “Take Kare” — a 2014 single featuring Lil Wayne. They were cool enough back then. Now, not so much.

Young Thug claimed a number of times that he would never beef with Lil Wayne, but that doesn’t seem quite right, especially since Weezy isn’t really too fond of him. Thugger again reiterated his beliefs in a New York Times piece.

“Both of us grew up the same thing, the same gang man — Y.M.C.M.B.,” he said. “Why should you ever in your life even feel like we against each other?”

Lil Wayne has remained mum on how he feels about Young Thug. He probably will eventually be asked about him, though — Young Thug is one of the hottest in the game right now.


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