2015 BET Hip Hop Awards - Arrivals

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Tensions were high and confrontations with reality were inevitable for just about every cast member on this week’s episode of Love And Hip Hop Hollywood.

Willie is forced to keep it all the way real with Shanda, Princess’ short-lived friendship with Teairra comes to an end, and Miles braces himself for the repercussions of keeping Amber in the dark about the truth for so long.

Let’s get into a recap of LHHH season 2, episode 6.

Ray J and Princess Love at the 2015 BET Hip-Hop Awards

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Princess packs up her things to move out of the home she shared with Ray J after returning from their trip to Miami which ultimately ended in a break up. She says he’s taken advantage of her forgiveness one too many times, which led her to the decision to move on from their relationship.


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Hazel invites Teairra Mari over to her new place where she tells her about the new moves she’s been making in her career before quickly shifting the conversation to her confrontation with Jason Lee . Teairra finds Jason’s actions as told by Hazel comical, but criticizes him for throwing a drink in a woman’s face. Teiarra then lets Hazel in on the latest step in her plan to get back at Princess and Ray J. When Teairra admits to sending Ray J a screenshot of Princess’ text inviting her to Vegas, Hazel is relieved that she’s not the one caught in Teairra’s vengeful crossfire this time around.

Masika & Nikki

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Nikki and Brandi meet up in the park and discuss their relationship drama. Brandi reveals that she’s still not in a good place with her husband Max following their blow up over his decision to not wear her wedding ring. Nikki then tells Brandi about her drama with Kamiah at Fizz’s house and about Jason Lee throwing his drink in Hazel’s face during their “business meeting.” Nikki later invites Brandi to her upcoming event and reveals that she also invited Jason to make sure he understands that she is not about drama when it comes to her business.

Milan Christopher

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While on set shooting a music video for his new single “West Coast,” Miles is distracted by his fallout with Milan. He attempts to reach Milan by phone numerous times but Milan ignores his call to focus on his own business venture. While struggling to cope with Milan being distant, Miles decides once and for all that he’s ready to tell Amber the truth. He phones her to suggest that they meet with a therapist to discuss their issues and braces himself for her reaction when she finds out that he’s gay.

Willie reveals that his record label situation in L.A. isn’t panning out as he’d hoped, although he has yet to share this with Shanda. He meets with his former Day26 manager Screwface to seek some advice on how to handle his deteriorating financial situation and ends up with another possible record deal on the table. He tells Screwface that he’s nervous about his situation with the label that he’s now locked into but doesn’t quite know the best way out of the deal.  Screwface advises him to meet with his record label and be honest with them in an attempt to get out of his deal.

Later, after dropping their kids off at school, Shanda apologizes to Willie for letting her frustration get the best of her during their argument over the bills back at the house. When she suggests that she and the kids go back to Chicago while Willie stay in L.A. to help ease the financial burden, Willie assures her not to worry and tells her about his meeting with Screwface. She becomes excited at first but is disappointed to hear that Willie still has to get out of his current deal before he can move forward and start making any money with another label. Willie then tells Shanda that she is free to go and get a regular job if she wants to help out, but she insists that they need more money than a regular job can provide. She says the only way she can feel secure in their situation and stop worrying is if Willie keeps her in the loop about everything.

Jason arrives at Nikki’s event with Kamiah, much to the disapproval of Brandi, who is also on hand to support Nikki. Jason says he brought Kamiah so that she and Nikki could squash the drama between them over Fizz. Kamiah says she agreed to come along in an attempt to be the bigger person. Amber interrupts Jason and Nikki’s conversation to let Jason know that she felt it was inappropriate for him to throw a drink in Hazel’s face. Things escalate from there and end with Amber throwing water on Jason after he and Nikki begin arguing. Kamiah still attempts to smooth things over in the midst of the shouting match but it doesn’t work and she and Jason leave the event.

Princess Love & Ray J

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While hanging out in the spa pool, Princess tells Apryl, Shanda and Nia that Teairra did exactly what she expected and set her up by telling Ray J about her fake invite to Vegas. She also tells the ladies that she and Ray J are finished following their fight in Miami. Nia is inspired by Princess’ decision to be apart from Ray J and says she’ll be the next to leave her relationship if Soulja Boy doesn’t get it together soon. Princess then tells the ladies that she’s invited Teiarra to a day party this coming week and plans to confront her about keeping in contact with Ray J in the midst of their budding friendship.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Premiere Event

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Princess, Apryl, and Shanda meet Teairra and Moniece at the day party. When a still-skeptical Moniece inquires about the true nature of the friendship between Teairra and Princess, Princess becomes angry when Teairra makes it clear that she wouldn’t quite call Princess a friend. Princess quickly changes the subject to ask Teairra if she’s been in contact with Ray J  and Teairra admits to sending Ray J a text telling him about her invite to Vegas. Teairra also admits to Princess that she only befriended her to get back at both she and Ray J for all of the drama that they caused for her last year. Princess accuses Teairra of being disingenuous for befriending her just to start trouble and when she takes it to the next level by suggesting that Teairra is “loyal to no one but sucks everyone’s dick,” things turn physical. Princess punches Teairra in the face and Moniece manages throws a drink on Princess before security steps in to break them apart.

Tidal Presents The Atlantic Records 2015 BET Awards After Party

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Teairra and Princess continue arguing after calming down following their initial altercation, but Teairra ends up throwing a cup at Princess and spitting at her after Princess calls her fat and suggests that she slept with all of Ray J’s friends. Princess is then moved to angry tears while telling Teairra that Ray J told her Teairra wanted him to move her out and move Teiarra into their shared home, but Teairra insists that Ray J lied.

Willie is in the studio recording when his current record label boss Harry walks in to check out his progress. Willie confides in Harry that since he’s made the decision to bring his family out to L.A. along with him, he can’t afford to wait around any longer on getting his album completed. When Willie says he needs a concrete deadline on when things will start picking up, Harry dances around a response and says he’ll need to meet with his partner before he can give Willie a definitely answer on when they can move forward with the project. Willie then tells Harry that their partnership and label deal situation is keeping him from moving forward with other labels that are interested. When Harry suggests that he shouldn’t allow the pressures of his family to coerce him into a bad decision, Willie tells him that the other labels are interested in working with him alone and asks to be released. Harry is taken aback by Willie’s request but says he will look into what can be done.

Miles tells the therapist about he and Amber’s history in order to bring her up to speed on their current situation and the secret that he’s keeping from Amber. He admits to the therapist that he’s been living a double life by being in a relationship with Milan and stringing Amber along about the possibility of rekindling their previous relationship. He also tells the therapist that Amber is ready to move forward and realizes that Miles has been pushing her away but can’t figure out why. Midway through speaking with the therapist, Miles breaks down in tears at the thought of hurting Amber when he tells her the truth about his sexuality.


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