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It’s not easy to conquer the big screen. For many, Hollywood is seen as a place where only a few are handed the keys to showcase their talents. Instead of simply being given the keys, Viola Davis emphatically barged her way into the realms of acting. The venerable actress has received awards, magazine covers, and recognition because of her determination and work ethic. There are innumerable actors and actresses who have made their way in, but in terms of success, especially as a Black woman, there are only a few, and one of them happens to be Ms. Viola Davis.

Here’s why Viola Davis is owning much more than Fall TV.

Viola is owning fall with her ABC show, How To Get Away With Murder.

It’s hard to own the fall when you have a slew of shows vying for the top spot. The Viola Davis and Shonda Rhimes duo walked into the proverbial battlefield last year with How To Get Away With Murder and left no prisoners. With a scintillating storyline and Viola’s acting prowess, HTGAWM has everyone at the edge of their seats.

She has won an Emmy. 

Like we previously stated, Davis’ performance as Annalise Keating wowed us from the beginning. She proved to be a multi-faceted character as Keating prospered as both a seducer and educator. The Emmys realized her immense talent and awarded her Best Actress for a Drama. This made her the first African American woman to do so.

She’s an Oscar nominee.

In addition to slaying a bevy of roles on television, Davis has a penchant for delivering breathtaking performances on the big screen. In her 2011 film, The Help, she played Aibileen Clark, a Black maid who spent her life raising white children after the death of her son. Her performance caught the attention of the Academy and earned her a nomination for Best Actress.

She’s dominated the newsstands.

Davis’ success on the big screen has trickled down to the magazine world, as well. Because of her success, she was able to bless the covers of Essence, Ebony, Entertainment Weekly, Variety, and more. What a time to be Viola Davis!

She’s always working!

Davis is a known as a workhouse in Hollywood. With season two of How To Get Away With Murder currently providing a strong helping of drama, Davis has her hands full on the movie side, as well. She was casted alongside the likes of Will Smith, Jared Leto, and Margot Robbie  in the superhero flick The Suicide Squad, which is slated to drop 2016.


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