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Former NBA star Lamar Odom is reportedly fighting for his life in a Nevada hospital after being found unconscious in his hotel room.

Lamar reportedly disappeared to his room after days of partying at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch South located in Pahrump, Nevada before later being found by a woman and the ranch manager with a “”mucus-type liquid coming out of his nose and mouth.”

In addition to the above, TMZ is reporting the following details on Lamar’s condition so far:

An ambulance took Lamar to Pahrump hospital, where doctors intubated him … an indication he could not breathe on his own. We’re told Lamar is being airlifted from the hospital to Las Vegas for more treatment.

Our sources tell us, “It’s not good.”

We’re told Lamar had been partying at the ranch by himself — with no friends or entourage — and is now alone at the hospital.

Our prayers go out to Lamar Odom, his family and his friends as this story continues to develop.


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