Jesse Owens

Source: ullstein bild / Getty

The first trailer for the Jesse Owens is out, and though it’s just 15 seconds, it looks powerful.

Race is centered around track-and-field star Jesse Owens and his quest to win four gold meals at the 1936 Olympics. The movie’s title, which is certainly a double-entendre, will also explore the actual races along with the discrimination Owens faced as a Black athlete at the international games.

Stephen Hopkins, the film’s director, told Variety that he wants viewers to see Owens as a “personal hero.”

“It will feel like a contemporary story,” Hopkins said. “It is about a kid from the wrong side of the tracks fighting his way to the forefront to represent his country. It should be something where people go, ‘I can’t believe this ever happened.’

“My dream is to present a real hero,” he added. “Someone who does it because of his need to better himself and to be dignified, but not in a stuffy way.”

Race opens in theaters February 19, 2016 for Focus Films. Watch the trailer below!



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