Every night, The Urban Daily’s resident TV blogger, Kevin L. Clark, gives you his What To Watch rundown for everything on point that’s on television. Here’s what you should check out for the weekend of August 1st-3rd.


Underwold’s Explored, History Channel, 6:00pm –

The underground world of Jerusalem is explored as pundits, historians and critics alike all determine and debate if the holy land was the center of philosophy in the ancient world.

Justin Timberlake: FutureSex/LoveSounds, HBO, 6:15pm –

The Grammy award winning, former boy band, Mickey Mouse Club heartthrob performs songs from his FutureSex/LoveSounds album in front of an insanely wild audience at New York City’s legendary Madison Square Garden.

Delta Force Commando, AMC, 8:00pm –

George Bush’s second favorite movie… only because Fred Williamson is in it… Delta Force Commando stars the former football great and Bo Svenson in a race against time to diffuse a bomb that puts the world at stake.

True Hollywood Stories: Joe Francis, E! Network, 9:00pm –

MUST WATCH! The creator of Girls Gone Wild, home of your favorite wet t-shirt, boob-flashing experience has gross tons of millions of dollars and brought the fantasies of many of a man to actualization. E! profiles the creator, Joe Francis and his meteoric rise to sex-pot infamy.


Mummy Tech, History, 7:00pm –

Didn’t get enough Mummy fixes? Well, check out the History Channel to get a little bit of insight as to how mummies were even preserved in Egypt and why the practice isn’t preached in today’s society.

Drug Years, VH1, 7:00pm –

MUST WATCH! This informative and somewhat entertaining look back at the formative years of the drug culture in America and its effects kick off with its role in shaping the 60’s and 70’s. Be sure to peep this must watch!

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, Comedy Central, 9:00pm –

The stoner hit before the sequel smash, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, finds two New Jersey stoners who have a serious case of the munchies on an adventure in search of the late night hamburger place. A hilarious cameo from Doogie Howser makes this flick a classic comedy to watch with those environment-friendly peeps of yours!

Prehistoric Monsters, History Channel, 9:00pm –

If weed flicks don’t do it for you, then you can get your Jurassic Park on with the History Channel’s fan favorite – Prehistoric Monsters. Through computer generated images, age-old creatures are brought back to life and are examined to get a symbolic take on life when time stood still.

Clueless, Oxygen, 10:00pm –

In the role that made Stacey Dash a house-hold name outside the hood (and Roc-A-Fella ads/music videos), Clueless is a witty look at posh life in a Beverly Hills High School, as its most popular student deals with a hefty spending habit, affections for her step-brother and plays match-maker.


Ice Road Truckers, History Channel, 7:00pm –

Us black folks and our love of history (or is it just mines?)… Either way, Ice Road Truckers is a wildly popular show that pits men against the artic elements in hopes of still being able to do their job as truckers. On Sunday’s episode, crucial equipment must be taken into an area where a deadly polar bear has been spotted. If for anything, the comedy of seeing something that you may not put yourself into is good enough to tune into Ice Road Truckers at 7:00pm.

Ultimate Fighting: From Blood Sport to Big Time, CNBC, 8:00pm –

The wildly popular success and merchandising of the Ultimate Fighting Championshipbrand is examined, in-depth, on this very well executed documentary of the blood sport that has taken over as the popular hand-to-hand combat of entertainment; knocking boxing down a few rungs in the corporate sponsor ladder.

I Love Money, VH1, 9:00pm –

MUST WATCH! VH1’s version of celebrity survivor takes the cast of I Love New York,Rock of Love and Flavor of Love and pits them againstone another in the hopes of winning, but what else, money. Secret alliances are made and then broken as Boston breaks down and cries for the first time on television.

Law and Order: Criminal Intent, USA, 9:00pm –

A student’s death at a private school cause the detectives to look into the secret online culture of the school. Myspace and Facebook users need not watch this one!

World’s Tallest People, DHLTH, 10:00pm –

For short people like Lil’ Wayne and T-Pain, their group T-Wayne would have to stand upon each other’s shoulders to face these giant’s covered on World’s Tallest People. The show takes a look at what it is like to be a giant in a world of average sized people.

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