This week’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood gave viewers a close up look at what happens when you confront your truths versus what happens when you attempt to live in a lie.

Rich brings Moniece and Marla face to face in an attempt to get to the bottom of their dysfunction, Amber finally gets Milan’s side of the story, Teairra goes under the knife, and Willie’s attempt to keep Shanda out of the loop backfires in the worst way.

Let’s get into this week’s drama-filled LHHH season 2, episode 9 recap!

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Amber visits Milan at the studio to confront him about his relationship with Miles. She’s not happy to hear Milan reveal that he and Miles have actually been dating for 2 years, as she realizes that given the timeline, Miles actually broke up with her to pursue a relationship with Milan. The two continue on and have a surprisingly calm, honest and mature conversation during which Milan tells Amber that he had been encouraging Miles to tell her the truth all along and says he never had any ill intentions towards her despite their complicated love triangle. When Milan then reveals that Miles made it seem as if Amber were the one holding out hope that they would rekindle their relationship while he was attempting to distance himself from her, she tells Milan about Miles’ close relationship with her daughter and how he led her to believe that he still loved her. The two also determine that it was Milan who gave Miles the money to help Amber pay her rent when she asked Miles for financial help in the past. Amber is then even more taken a aback when Milan tells her about their matching tattoos and reveals that he and Miles have even discussed marriage. The conversation ends on a positive note as Amber gives Milan a hug before leaving the studio.

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Moniece talks to Rich about his tense conversation with her mother Marla and vents to him about Marla suggesting to Fizz that he take her to court to gain full custody of their son Kameron. Rich recognizes that although their relationship is dysfunctional, Moniece needs her mother in her corner to help her with her son while she works to further her career. When Rich questions why Moniece wouldn’t want to try and fix things with her mother and suggests that she get to the bottom of their issue, Moniece has another breakdown. Rich comforts Moniece as she continues on in tears, but cautions her that she needs to figure out a solution soon.

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On a separate day, Rich invites Marla over to their place so she and Moniece can discuss their issues. Rich attempts to act as the mediator, insisting that he wants to see Marla and Moinece have the same relationship that he and his mother have, but Moniece says that will never happen. Moniece is not happy to see her mother, but jumps right in with the questions, beginning with whether or not Marla really told Rich to run the other way and get out of the relationship. Marla skates around the answer but ultimately admits that she may have advised Rich against continuing to pursue a relationship with Moniece. Visibly irritated, Moniece then moves on to the next topic and asks Marla about telling Fizz to take her to court to gain full custody of their son. Marla vehemently insists that she did not tell Fizz to take Kameron away from her and says she’s been Moniece’s biggest cheerleader since she Kameron’s birth. Moniece cries silently when Marla then says she told her she’d always be there to support her if she ever needed help with raising Kameron and claims that Moniece chooses to make her the enemy because she’s the closest person to her. Moniece says she feels like her mom constantly judges her parenting and also reveals that some of the decisions her mother made when she was younger have affected the way that she approaches motherhood. Marla apologizes for any emotional damage Moniece feels she suffered as a child and says she’ll do whatever she can to help her moving forward, but Moniece insists that she doesn’t want any of her parents involved in her life for now and wants to figure out how to navigate her situation on her own.

Willie and Shanda are enjoying a family outing with their kids when Shanda questions Willie about the whether or not he was able to get out of his contract as they begin to discuss their new lifestyle in L.A. Willie reluctantly lies and tells Shanda that he is officially out of the contract for fear of how she’d react if she knew the truth.

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Nikki and Hazel accompany Teairra to her doctor’s appointment to have her liposuction procedure done. When Teairra mentions that she hopes to be ready for her fashion show in 3 weeks, Hazel is skeptical about the short timeframe and says she doesn’t think Teairra will be healed enough to walk in the show by then. However, Nikki chimes in and points out that everyone heals differently from the procedure and suggests to Teairra that she take it a day at a time. Cameras follow Teairra onto the operating room where her liposuction and fat transfer procedures are shown taking place.

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A few days later, Hazel and Nikki visit Teairra to see how she’s healing with the fashion show coming up. Teairra tells the ladies that she’s in extreme pain as they begin to discuss what still needs to be done for their event. When Nikki and Teairra both admit that they’ve never produced an event before, Hazel tries to give them some pointers for how to get their to-do list in order. As Hazel and Nikki make their way outside to leave, Nikki tells Hazel that she’s nervous about whether or not Teairra will be able to do her part to make their fashion show a success. Hazel tells Nikki that she’s been meeting up with Princess and suggests that maybe Nikki get Princess on board with her fashion show to take up some of the slack for whatever will be missing due to Teairra’s surgery recovery, suggesting that all of the ladies put their personal differences aside and come together to make the fashion show a huge success.

Shanda surprises Willie at the studio to take him out to lunch in “celebration” of him being out of his contract, still unaware that he lied to her about the situation. She arrives to find Screwface at the office, who vents to Shanda about Willie’s frustrated demeanor with him over not being able to get out of his contract, assuming that she already knew. As Screwface reassures Shanda that he plans to see what he can do about getting Willie out of the contract, she continues to listen but is visibly furious with Willie for lying to her face. She ends up leaving the studio without even having Screwface tell Willie that she stopped by.

Later, Willie is elated when he learns that Screwface has kept his word and gotten him out of the contract . He heads home to tell Shanda the good news, but arrives at their house to find her gone. Meanwhile, Shanda has made her way to the strip club and has begun working again in light of her conversation with Screwface earlier.

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Miles goes to meet up with Amber to hear how her conversation with Milan went. Amber says she’s there to give Miles a final chance to be fully honest with her about his relationship with Milan. When Miles admits to Amber that he is in love with Milan, she angrily asks to see his version of their matching tattoos. She then launches into a tirade about the things Milan says Miles told him about her lingering around on false hopes of them getting back together. Despite her anger towards the situation, she reassures Miles that she’s not judging him for being in love with a man but rather for not telling her the truth earlier on in their relationship so that she could have moved on with her life instead of holding out hope under false pretenses. Miles says he wanted to figure things out for himself before telling her and Amber becomes irate when he suggests that he’s never intentionally done anything to hurt her. When Miles tries to tell Amber that he loves her and doesn’t want to lose her in his life, she insists that she doesn’t hate him but needs time to get over what happened before they can be friends.


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