Dear TBM,

I just turned 32 years old and I am dating a man that is 47 years old.  We have a wonderful, passion-filled, intimate relationship.  The only issue in our relationship is that he suffers from Low Testosterone (LowT), which causes a form of Erectile Dysfunction(ED.) He has a hard time getting and maintaining an erection suitable for intercourse. I love this man with all my heart and the only problem is I cannot experience the “BIG O”. I am a very sexual person. I do not want to loose this man because of this. Please give me some advice on how to handle this.


The Black Man:

Hi DS,

It has to be tough for you to go through this especially with someone you love very dearly. I would suggest for him to go to a physician and also sex therapist/counselor. There may be things in his diet that can help him through this.

He may not be eating properly. He should make sure to eat a lot of live green foods. Also he should exercise on a regular basis. That helps produce hormones in your body.

Also something like this can be very mental so going to see a sex therapist can be helpful to break this down and really get to the crux of the matter. His confidence level between the sheets most likely is sub par right now and that needs to be raised (no pun intended).

If none of that is effective then he should check with his physician to see if he is able to take a product like Viagra or Cialis. I would make this last resort is all else fails.

You can also look into some natural herbal supplements that may help as well.

Good Luck.


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