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Athletes catch a lot of heat for spazzing on reporters, but this outburst may have been completely warranted.

Dez Bryant, star wide receiver of the Dallas Cowboys, got into it with a reporter on Thursday in the team’s locker room. From the video clip, it’s hard to tell what sparked the heated exchange, but Dez was clearly agitated.

The outburst happened while tight end Jason Witten updated reporters in a usual media session, but Dez was reportedly unhappy with an article written by ESPN reporter Jean Jacques-Taylor. The story alluded to the Cowboys being in need of a healthy Dez Bryant and quickly- he was inactive for five weeks due to injury.

During the altercation, Dez repeatedly called the media “dirty,” and was ushered out of the locker room by Witten and Cowboys coach Jason Garrett. In a move that would not quell the locker room disagreement, Dez’s teammate Devin Street says the reporter, who is Black, reportedly used the “N” word.

Although it’s hard to make out the true reason for the outburst, Dez explained his side on Twitter.




Jacques-Taylor did not respond on Twitter, and the Dallas Cowboys organization says Dez will no longer speak to the media.

SOURCE: ESPN, NY Daily News | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter

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