Earlier this month, a man called the cops after two women twerked on him in a D.C. gas station, and now he’s finally speaking out to reveal his side of the story.

Washington Tharpe, a middle school teacher in the D.C. area, was abruptly faced with two scantily clad women rubbing up against him while at a convenience store. Washington claims it was much more than dancing, though.

It looks like I just had some girls twerking on me and I just called the police. That is not what happened at all,” he exclusively told ABC7.

All the video shows is two women attempting to distract Tharpe enough to grab his cash and phone, not the frantic chase that ensued. When he tried to get into his car and drive away, the two women grabbed his door and wouldn’t let it close. Washington even attempted to hide out in a car wash, but the women still continued to follow him.

I thought, ‘oh shoot, they’re about to kill me,’” Tharpe said.

Initially the whole ordeal embarrassed him, but now he sees it as an opportunity to speak out for male victims of sexual abuse. One of the women has been arrested and charged with third degree sexual assault. Her partner in twerking has yet to be found.


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