It’s about to be time to run free from captivity, as Jurnee Smollett Bell, Straight Outta Compton’s Aldis Hodge, and Chris Meloni set to premiere a new show called Underground, which hits TV screens in early 2016 on WGN.

In the first teaser trailer, you can see a group of slaves picking cotton, one with a bible hidden in his pants, and another with a gun. He pulls it out right before they plan on running and Aldis can be heard saying, “When we run, ain’t no White man gon’ be able to stop us.”

Underground is a gripping original scripted series set in a desperate and dangerous time and based around the Underground Railroad. This escape thriller series tells the unflinching story of a group of plantation slaves that band together for the fight of their lives – for their families, their future, and their freedom.

You can check out an interview we did with Jurnee and Aldis below.

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