Young Money caused a stir when they performed “Every Girl” with little girls on the stage. Shocked and outraged the “hate” mail came pouring in. But as you’ll see in our Top 5 Wackest Dance Crazes – our #1 trumps Lil Wayne and his merry band of noisemakers:

Wanna know what we’re talking about? Check out the countdown below:

5. Kayo – “Tippy Toe”

Someone should’ve played Obama’s speech about our generation’s future becoming lawyers, doctors and teachers instead of rappers, actors and ball players. It would’ve done Kayo – aka Mr. Tippy Toe – a service and save him a lot of shame for when he gets older.

4. Fresh Out Da Box – “Swerve”

This dance is sad on the fact that it lacks any real “je nais sais quoi.” With other dances like the Harlem Shake or the Cupid Shuffle, you had some sort of creativity put in that mixed in with a catchy beat created a danceable groove to shake to. “Swerve” has folks doing a U-turn on the dance floor.

3. D. Cole – “Tic Tac Toe”

D., my man, if you’re going to do a dance that is a variation of the Toe Wop, you at least should make sure that people don’t have to be athletic to pull of the moves. Hell, Kid ‘N Play couldn’t even do this when they were your age. Fail.

2. B. Hamp – “Do The Rick Bobby”

A BET Uncut song that ran before its untimely demise, B. Hamp was on to something but it seemed like Hurricane Chris and Soulja Boy beat him to the punch. Plus, FYI, this dance isn’t THAT bad, our #1 is way more wacker than this!

1. Eat Da P Boyz – “Eat Da P****”

Now, if you thought that Lil Wayne and his Young Money cohorts were justified in doing what they were doing because it was Weezy’s daughter on stage, then how would you feel if your kid danced to this?

I’m not impressed and someone needs to know what the five fingaz said to the face after doing something like this.

Share your thoughts? What are some wack dances that you’ve seen? Share them in the comments section below!

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