Fans of spicy foods know what it’s like to have something hot in your mouth… But for 20-something-year-old, Clarissa Santiago, the only thing you’d need to ease your carnal desires is one kiss from those Puerto Rican lips. The businesswoman-by-day, model-by-night – who’s working on an untitled musical project – sits down with The Urban Daily as she mentions why T.I. and Jeezy get her wet, how Obama will change the country and hips us all to the top three places to make whoopee at in NYC!

The Urban Daily: Miss Clarissa… You’re looking good today! What got you interested in modeling?

Clarissa Santiago: Well, in 1996, I started of doing beauty pageants. I was competing for Miss Teen Puerto Rico and I won that, as well as the ‘Miss Photogenic’ award! After that, it was kind of just like, me beginning my modeling legacy.

TUD: There sure are a lot of pretty girls in New York – what makes you stand out amongst the rest of them?

CS: Well, I’m a businesswomen and I think that it’s that that makes me stand out amongst all these beautiful ladies out here. My approach and all that allows others to know that I’m very serious about this. Everything is all business for me and I try to think about how I can benefit from each move that I make in order to progress both professionally and financially.

TUD: The pictures you have in Skin Deep are kind of provocative. How do you think your folks feel about your nipples being all up on

CS: I think that the general consensus is kind of like, “You don’t got to do that, ma.” Or they’ll say stuff like, “Why you gotta take photos like that? You’re a really pretty girl, you don’t have to do that.” But what people don’t understand is that what I do is not out of desperation. What I do is out of love for what I do and for who I am! I’m a sexy woman who’s comfortable with her sexuality. I love taking sexy photos. I love seeing the images because that’s what it’s all about for me; I enjoy it because I know that you do. So, at the end of the day, what I need is for everyone to support what I’m doing ‘cause I’m happy doing it and that should be the most important thing anyone should want for me.

TUD: …Well, in one picture, you looked drenched…

CS: …Yeah…

TUD: So, then, what are your top five songs that get you wet?

CS: [Laughs] The top five songs that get me wet! Wow… that’s a really good question [laughs]. Damn, man… I can only think about my songs, right now. I can’t even think of anyone else’s… Hmm, songs that make me wet… “Slowly” by Tank does it. Or “Don’t Say No, Just Say Yes,” by Avant… I really like that song. I love Young Jeezy and T.I. – that hood shit gets me going, too! Someone just hipped me to Noel Gordine, so I’d want to get it poppin’ to something off of Noel Gordine’s album.

TUD: Most Puerto Rican girls are known to be sexual deviants…

CS: Is that right? [Laughs]

TUD: Yeah! And with this being New York and all – what are the top three places for out-of-towners to make whoopee at?

CS: It depends on what mood you’re in… If you’re in the mood to be really, really romantic, then you’d probably want to get something poppin’ in Central Park. If you want to be on the low-low, you could go in the cut in Harlem on 155th and Riverside Drive. There’s a little dark alleyway there. I shot a video there the other day and my mind started flooding up with ideas. If you’re in the mood to be just down-and-dirty, you could just go into any McDonald’s, go into the restroom and get it poppin’ [laughs]!

TUD: So, no New York taxicab confessions?

CS: No [laughs], not in New York. I don’t do that, nah… I have some Miami taxicab confessions, though [laughs]. But I can’t go into those [laughs].

TUD: Okay, okay, okay… Well, since you’re Puerto Rican and a beautiful lady – who did you want to be our president?

CS: I feel like the last two presidential elections we’ve had were sort of the same thing. I don’t feel that any of the candidates are really making me comfortable enough to where I could feasibly trust them with the country. Even though I think Obama is great for a number of reasons – he’s black, for one and him being the first black president would be amazing for the country, is two. With all these moves being made in politics, I’m still concerned about our freedom and how we, as women and minorities, have worked so hard to build this country up. Someone can come in and, possibly, shake the country up or take it in a negative direction and that’s scary to me. To know that you could still vote, but ultimately, you know it’s never going to get back to you is extremely scary! In the end, I’m definitely rooting for Obama, you know…? I think that he’s the best choice we have at the moment.

TUD: You’ve gotten a few looks online and here on the street… You’re probably used to all that now, but when has there been a time where you didn’t want anyone to notice you?

CS: I don’t know… [Laughs] I love attention! There’s never been a time where I didn’t want anyone to not look at me. I mean… we all have our days, you know…? I work in Times Square during the day, so, I’m always afraid of people seeing me and recognizing who I am. From the magazine spreads to this interview I did where I was talking some raunchy stuff, I’m still on my way to work and I don’t and can’t afford to get my spot blow, you know…? At the end of the day, though, this is me, this is what I do. It’s only a matter of time before I’m doing it all day, every day, all the time…

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