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If you’re a true fan of the golden age of hip-hop, the soundtrack from VH1’s upcoming film, The Breaks, is about to give you a dose of the real.

The Breaks tells the story of Nikki Jones (played by Afton Williamson), a hip-hop obsessed exec-in-the-making determined to make her mark in a very gritty ’90s New York City music industry. She’s a Brown Sugar Sidney Shaw type you’ll probably love even more for her unbelievable hustle.

Nikki’s boyfriend, David Aaron (David Call), is a radio programmer who will do absolutely anything to get just one hip-hop track played on NY’s leading soul station with a strict no rap policy. Think Steve Harvey’s morning show with absolutely no “Hotline Bling.” Nikki’s crew rounds out with Deevee (Mack Wilds), who’s desperately trying to find the M.C. with the chops to record the track that will launch his career. Unfortunately for the preppy Queens kid, his diamond in the rough is a notorious Brooklyn ganglord. And the fact that his dad is played by none other than Method Man is a fun twist.

Based on The Big Payback, a history of the business of hip-hop written by Dan Charnas, The Breaks is accompanied by a stellar soundtrack that will get viewers nodding their heads and reminiscing on when they first fell in love with the genre.

The Breaks soundtrack includes staples from the likes of De La Soul and Chubb Rock, but doesn’t skimp on the soul tracks that music continues to sample, and that still powers many a Black cookout.

The Breaks premieres on VH1 on Jan. 4. Get your Twitter viewing party plans ready, because it’ll be lit.

Stream The Breaks soundtrack via Spotify below.

SOURCE: Spotify | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 

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