The 2014-2015 NFL season will go down in history as the season of the undefeated supermen of the Carolina Panthers led by Cam Newton, and that season he got your father asking you the definition of “the dab.” Migos crowned Cam the “Dab Daddy,” and he’s just one of the many NFL stars busting out the moves after epic touchdowns. These guys can dive, catch and drive, but they can also dab, whip and Milly Rock on any field. Their moves make “Sportscenter” roundups must-see TV for sports fans, and (thanks to social media) they’ve become the stuff of memes, vines and remixes.

Although we have only a few weeks of football left before the Super Bowl (sniff, sniff) and there will certainly be more moves to add, here are some of the best touchdown dances of the season.


Cam Newton introduced America to “The Dab”

Migos may not be the family friendliest of rap groups, but if your parents watch football, they are quite familiar with their hit song. Cam first “dabbed on them folks” midseason, and the result was widespread excitement from young rap listeners, and confusion among the other set. Was this a sign of violence that would negatively influence kids? Did the All-American Heisman winner show that he’s threatening and not cookie-cutter enough to be a beloved quarterback? Was it reckless? The answer is: Cam is being a twenty-something dude who’s killing the game, and we should celebrate along with him. And did we mention his team is undefeated? How dope would “The Dab” look at the Super Bowl?

Cam Newton with “The Swim” and a little “twist and shout”

Since this is the year of the Cam, and young football players who aren’t afraid to express themselves on their own terms for that matter, #1 had a little fun with and broke down some classic ’60s moves absolutely no one can refute. He traded “The Dab” for “The Swim,” and gave a little twist, after a touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. Just try not to break a smile with the good natured cheese.

Then Cam took “The Dab” to the NBA

When ball is life, your off days may take you courtside. Cam made a stop at a Charlotte Hornets game against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. What did he do when the cameras caught him? He dabbed on them folks. Dance happy, Cam, and dance often.

Odell Beckham Jr.’s “Milly Rock”

Odell Beckham Jr. may be in hot water after the nasty on-field altercation with Josh Norman of the Panthers, but the boy’s got moves. He delights fans with his warm-up one-handed catches and end zone dances every week. It’s especially fun to watch him take trap sensibilities to the football field, as evidenced by his “Hit Them Folks” touchdown dance, and his classic “Milly Rock.” Fantasy teams miss you, OBJ, even if it’s just a one-game suspension.

Odell Beckham with the Allen Iverson stomp over Josh Norman

Violence and unsportsmanlike conduct is wrong, just to preface. But the swag of this touchdown celebration has levels. After repeated altercations with his Panthers rival, OBJ scored a touchdown with just two minutes left in the game, and stepped over Brown like Allen Iverson did against Tyronn Lue.


Cam and Odell may have led the league in memorable TD celebrations, but that’s certainly not where it ends. Check out the NFL stars who scored and got down in the endzone with all the right dance moves.

Travis Kelce hit the quan

Cardinal receivers John Brown scores 18 yard touchdown against the Cincinnati Bengals

LeSean McCoy against the Buffalo Bills, opens the safe and pulls out the cash 

Not quite sure what this is called, but T.Y. Hilton had some moves

Matt Stafford does the Ray Lewis dance

Jordan Matthews’ Rocky celebration 

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