Just a few days into 2016, and the racism is already continuing.

Former Washington Washington Football Team defensive end Dexter Manley has some questionable thoughts regarding Black quarterbacks. In a discussion with CBS station WUSA about Blacks at the number one position being more mobile and quicker to rush out of the pocket, he responded, “Most of the black quarterbacks, they like running, because they’re probably used to running from the law.”

The White panelists surrounding Manley nervously laughed and hung their heads awkwardly. Manley, who’s Black, should be well versed on African-American quarterbacks – he played alongside one of the greatest of all time, Doug Williams. Williams was the first Black quarterback to win the Super Bowl, and the only one until Seahawks QB Russell Wilson won in 2014.

This isn’t Manley’s first questionable remark, though. As a guest on a D.C. radio station back in 2013, he called Troy Aikman a “queer,” according to The Washington Post.

Not a good look.

SOURCE: Deadspin, Washington Post | VIDEO SOURCE: YouTube

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