I might get a key to the city and give it to Wayne.

It looks like “Summer Sixteen” has come a couple seasons early, and Drake‘s dream of receiving the key to the city of Toronto is actually becoming a reality.

The unofficial mayor of the city has been repping “The 6” harder than anyone we know for years now, and all of his unwavering love is finally being recognized.

On Thursday, John Tory, the mayor of Toronto, posted a Twitter essay breaking the news that the “Started From The Bottom” rapper will be presented with the prestigious honor on Friday.

John said in a series of tweets:

We’re actually surprised the hometown hero hasn’t received this honor earlier. After putting on for Toronto as much as he has the last few years, you would think he was one of the founding members of the city. Regardless, Drake’s pride in his city has resulted in some of the most popular music to date. Not to mention his ode to the city, Views From the 6, which is expected to drop in April.

Most importantly, Drake’s ceremony also happens to fall on the same day as the start of NBA’s All-Star Weekend, which also happens to be in Toronto this year.

One can only imagine what madness ensure.

SOURCE: Miss Info | IMAGE SOURCE: Twitter

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