As soon as Bobby Shmurda blew up on the music scene, he was locked away on several charges, including four counts of conspiracy, two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, one count of reckless endangerment, and more.

The “Hot N*gga” rapper, who had us instinctively adding “sh” ahead of all M-words for a while, reaches out here and there to talk about his case, time behind bars, and label situation. Most recently, he called REVOLT and shed light on the supposed lack of evidence in his case.

During the call, Bobby said he spends a lot of time in the law library reading up on his rights. He started out by insisting he’s a bulls-eye for law enforcement.

“I definitely appreciate the interview and looking forward to it so I could let everybody know what’s going on with this injustice, and not only with my case, but hundreds of cases [around] the country. It’s a bunch of injustice going on with my case right now,” he said.

“Really, I’m allowed to say everything [so] right now I want everybody to know that I’m being targeted by police, the prosecutor, I’m being targeted by Manhattan judges, everything. It’s a bunch of injustice going on with my case. Like right now, we’re putting in motions I got several laws pertaining to my case, during my whole incarceration.”

After making it clear he feels he’s being targeted by the cops, Bobby went on to talk about the continual violation of his rights:

“I’ve been locked up for 14-15 months now [and] been in the law library, so I looked up several laws pertaining to my case saying that my bail isn’t supposed to be high and their violating the eighth amendment with that. They violating my constitutional rights, my civil rights, everything. I’m not even supposed to be in Manhattan right now, I want everybody to know that. All of this is claims. I got a narcotics D.A. and there’s no drugs caught in this case. There’s no drugs, no kingpin charges, nothing.”

“All of these alleged crimes they saying we committed is supposed to be in Brooklyn, but we have court in Manhattan. It doesn’t make no sense. All of these alleged crimes, they saying that we murdered people and reckless endangerment, they have no evidence. They have nothing. They put us together because these people were in my video. They don’t have nothing on us. I’ve been ready to go to trial and put in a 730 motion… and they’re still not ready for trial and now it’s on May 11th. After May, they’re probably going to push it back to August, September who knows.”

“I feel like what they’re doing right now is what they do to a lot of people when they don’t have no case on them… I was targeted because of my rap music, it’s crazy,” he concluded.

Complex reports that his lawyer Alex Spiro has “requested all of the case files and background information on the cops involved in Shmurda’s arrest and trial be turned over to his team.”

Hang in there, Bobby.


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