As we’ve witnessed Kylie Jenner grow up before our very eyes and become more popular by the minute, many have questioned whether or not she’s trying to dethrone her sister, Kim Kardashian.

While the resemblance is definitely there, both physically and career-wise, the mother-of-two says there’s absolutely no competition. In a post shared on her app, Kim sets the record straight: “Kylie and I laugh so hard at this all the time, because people always want to pit us against each other, thinking we have similar careers. I think it’s amazing—there’s no one else I would want to be in the same business with than my sister. She teaches me so much, and I teach her so much, and we’re both so close that it’s just funny.”

Kim continues, “Sometimes I hear a rumor and I’m like, ‘Wait, is that true?! What’s really going on? I need to call my sister.’ But with this one, that has never been the case. We just are so supportive of each other, and that’s really what it is.

This isn’t the first time the two have addressed the alleged rivalry. Kylie posted a Snapchat video last year with Kim, who playfully teases that her crown might be snatched by the baby sibling. Check out the cute clip below:


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