50 Cent‘s trolling ways have caught up to him…again.

Fifty has been posting shots of stacks of money all over social media since filing for bankruptcy last year. Last month, he took a picture of himself at the courthouse with hundred-dollar bills tucked into his waistband.

Well, Connecticut Judge Ann Nevins has had enough of his shenanigans, and called 50 out during his latest court appearance, according to the NY Daily News.

That’s not funny,” the judge told Curtis. “While you’re in this courthouse, there is nothing funny going on. This is very serious stuff. I would appreciate it very much if we could keep it that way. You should all have been advised that there are no electronic devices in this courtroom and that has been extended to conference rooms,” she told him sternly.

The judge didn’t, however, tell him to stop with the posts because of free speech.

I’m not telling anybody how they can exercise their rights to free speech, but I want to keep things very serious here,” Nevins said.

She also commended him on actually showing up to court and taking steps to reorganize his financial life.

By being present, Mr. Jackson has made significant strides toward getting this case moving,” Judge Nevins said.

Fifty has also been making huge strides toward settling his debts. At last month’s hearing, it was revealed that he’s closing on a deal with his creditors to free himself from bankruptcy.

After the hearing, 50 was asked about his social media habits, to which he responded, “Instagram? Nah, that’s not me anymore.”

When 50 isn’t trolling the world, he’s still behind one of the most successful shows out right now: Power. The program’s season 3 trailer was released on Tuesday and 50 Cent’s character Kanan will surely be looking for revenge.


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