The Johnny Manziel drama continues.

TMZ caught up with the free agent while outside a West Hollywood restaurant. Manziel seemed eager to talk and even took the camera from the TMZ cameraman to film what he called a “selfie video.”

Speaking candidly on his NFL situation, he said, “I’m living out here with my guy, Von Miller. Everybody knows Von Miller. Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller, my brother. I’m living with him right now. We’re getting our lives together, bro.”

The cameraman asks him if he’d consider playing for the Denver Broncos. Manziel responds by praising how great of an organization the Broncos are and that “anywhere I get picked up, bro, is a blessing.”

Just a day earlier, Von Miller advocated for his team to sign his fellow Texas A&M alum.

If I had to make my decision on it, he would already be on the Broncos,” Miller told reporters Friday. “But we’ve got guys in the front office that make those decisions, and they put us in championships with those decisions.”

The Broncos are also in trade discussions to acquire Colin Kaepernick, but it would require him to take a sizeable paycut.

It looks like Johnny Football many finally get a second chance.


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