The dreaded morning.  The beginning of the day can be stressful but believe it or not, you too ca-n become a morning person. With just a few minor changes not only will mornings be smoother, but you might actually come to enjoy them.

Skip The Heavy Dinner

Eating a heavy dinner may make you feel all warm inside but will have you feeling sluggish the next morning. Either eat a lighter dinner or if you decide to go all out for your third meal make sure its earlier in the evening.

Don’t Use The Snooze Button

The snooze button is your worst enemy. If you hate the noise in the first place, why subject yourself to it 5 more times. And your brain knows that its time to get the day started so the sleep won’t be as peaceful. Often times, you feel more tired after hitting the snooze button several times. Just get up!

Enjoy The Sunlight

One of the best ways to ease the dreaded wake up is sunlight. If you don’t fully close your blinds at night, you’ll be awoken by sunlight in the morning which makes the early wake up time a bit less intrusive.

Stretching Is Your Friend

Remember stretching in gym class before the teacher would even let you touch a basketball? It’s time to get back to that. Just a few stretches in the morning will get your blood flowing and make that walk up the steps out of the train station an easy one.

Take A Morning Stroll With Your Furry Friend

Even better than stretching is going for a walk before the day really gets started. Not only do you get a bit of exercise but it also gives you a chance to take your dog for a walk. It’ll wake you up and tire your dog out, so he’ll be ready for his umpteenth nap of the day.

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