Blac Chyna got Rob Kardashian in a bit of trouble during their recent trip to Boston.

If you don’t know anything about Rob, you should know he’s a die-hard Dodgers fan. Hence the reason why you always see him in a blue L.A. Dodgers hat.

Bank that bit of information, while we tell you something about Boston.

In Beantown, it’s baseball over everything; the people there love the Red Sox and absolutely hate their rivals, the prestigious New York Yankees.

So back to #BlacRob. During their trip to Boston, Chyna got sick and tired of Rob’s Dodgers hat and made him start rocking a Yankees cap. This didn’t go over very well with the locals and Rob almost caught a beat-down.

Luckily, the Boston locals let him live to laugh about it for the TMZ cameras. Check out the story in the video above.


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