It turns out Katy Perry isn’t “Becky with the good hair” either, but then again, we never thought she was.

According to Gossip Cop, she and Rita Ora wore “Not Becky” pins to this year’s Met Gala. As reported below, Rita also posed for a quick selife with Beyonce, which effectively proved her innocence in the whole Lemonade ordeal. It looks like we can definitely cross K.P. off our list. Stay tuned.


Two years ago at the Met Gala, “Becky with the good hair” did something to spark an entire Beyoncé album. While the true identity of Becky is still out, we can now cross off one name on our list: Rita Ora.

After posing in a lemon bra at the absolute wrong time, Rita Ora ignited speculation that she could be the girl Bey is singing about on Lemonade. Her comment section felt the wrath of the Bey Hive. She later came out with a statement denying any involvement in the Carters’ marriage, but the fans still needed more people.

So Rita got the Queen Bey herself. At this year’s Met Gala, the two singers took a selfie together to squash all the rumors.

Whew! We can finally chill with all the lemons and bumblebees in Rita’s comment section.

PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, Baller Alert

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