THQ and 2XL Games gave The Urban Daily an opportunity to check out there latest release, Baja: Edge of Control, for the Xbox 360 and PS3. But first, they let us sit passenger side in the actual-factual whip appeal. With 2XL Games’ first offering a sizeable attempt, the racing market will be flooded with the usual faces, yet Baja: Edge of Control promises distinct realistic driving mechanics, nice visuals and adrenaline-laced fun.

Boasting more than 95 tracks set within 25 square miles of a beautifully captured, mountainous desert terrain, you’ll get behind the wheel of this growing California alternative to the droll NASCAR racing that your grandpa loves so much. Edge of Control will feature nine different vehicle classes, most of which are authentic for the annual 300-mile Baja 1000 race (that really takes place this November in Baja, California!).

Racing the Baja bug, unlimited VW, 4×4 class, open wheel, mini truck, class 1, trophy trucks and a “bonus” class, the point that this game doesn’t feature bikes or quads, doesn’t take away from the overall variety that Baja brings to the table. But what is uniquely intricate about this game is the 411 part upgrades, giving the trucks their own comprehensive vehicle options.

As you hit the road hard, you can see all the parts of the car doing their thing – from the shocks to the nuances on the dashboard in first-person view… but all we’re looking forward to is getting behind that wheel. The Baja picks up well, using a clutch button to rev up the engine allows your car to move fluidity with no hiccups. But make a mistake and the realistic damage settings are brutal.

The bad side to Baja: Edge of Control is that it takes a little while getting used to manueverability and breaking. The e-brake you have to learn how to time when going around sharp turns. With mounds and ramps that are large enough to throw you  up into the air, Baja tends to punish rather than reward you for getting big air.

A healthy AI sees drivers cutting you off and making moves like any driver would, but as the racing world continues to expand and grow, Baja: Edge of Control remains cool.

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