John Madden is one lucky son-of-a-game developer! The legendary NFL coach/analyst’s videogame football franchise has long been known for three things: destroying relationships, random acts of in-house violence and nerdgasms galore. With your hopes of being the next Reggie Bush in the real world put on the shelf, EA Sports brings two decades worth of dominance back into stores with Madden NFL 2009.

After 70 million-and-then-some copies of the acclaimed title made its mark in the minds and hearts of fans everywhere, this special set exclusively takes you through the hallowed halls of Madden glory. It may be a pricey disc to cop at 90 dollars, but the price is more entertaining and rewarding than shelling it out on gas for your Pinto. Sunday couch potatoes will have more pigskin than pot roast to deal with by copping this game.

Everything that you love (and stuff that you hate) return in all its glory. If you’ve been a veteran in the series for awhile, your offensive coordinator status would work greatly amidst all the audibles, hot routes, stats and rosters that make up the meat and potatoes of Madden 2009. But equally rewarding is the fact that Tiburon equips an IQ system that increases the game’s difficulty level the more your own skill level grows.

A highlight is the rewrite/replay feature that allows gamers to relive the ’07/’08 season and/or change the outcome of games that you felt should’ve went the other way (The Browns should’ve won it all!). You can also customize your own playbook, comprehensive fantasy-team content for all you dreamers out there and for the new kids on the block, the game is just pure fun.

The HDTV quality of the game only adds on to the utopia that is Madden NFL 2009 and while it may seem like it’s all Terrell Owen celebrations and cheerleader wet dreams, the road to glory is paved in some pretty interesting designs that will still make you cringe. For starters, the un-retired Brett Favre/Green Bay Packers cover would make heads kind of hope for that Madden Curse to come and knock the soon-to-be Hall of Famer out of the league and back down to Southern Mississippi.

If you wish to not buy the 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition version, you can save yourself some do-re-mi (30 bucks) and still sing Madden’s praises. But for the serious of the serious who believe they’re the next armchair quarterback great (what Favre should be!), this classic title is another to add to your collection!

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