Drake‘s making his return to SNL this Saturday (May 14), and to get viewers ready, he and Leslie Jones tag-team in a hilarious new promo during which she can’t seem to keep her hands to herself.

“Hi, I’m Drake, and I’ll be the host and musical guest this week on SNL,” Drizzy announces as Leslie’s hand shamelessly wanders. “Leslie? Sorry. Could you not put your hand on my butt?” Drake then says mid-monologue. “I can’t make no promises,” Leslie responds.

“I have an idea for a sketch in which I spank you like a baby,” Leslie later suggests. Upon Drake’s lack of enthusiasm for the idea, she quickly flips her angle: “OK, we’re two cops and we bust into the scene and catch the robbers, right? And then I spank you like a baby.”

Watch the promo clip up top. Tune in to SNL this Saturday to catch Drake’s second go as host and musical guest.


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