Every night, The Urban Daily’s resident TV blogger, Kevin L. Clark, gives you his What To Watch rundown for everything on point that’s on television. Here’s what you should check out for Wenesday, August 13th!

I Dreamed of AfricaHBO, 5:00pm –

This is a film released in 2000 which stars Kim BasingerVincent PerezEva Marie Saintand Daniel Craig. Based on the autobiography of Kuki Gallmann, an Italian who moved to Kenya and became involved in conservation work is an interesting flick to chill out to fresh after getting off of work.

Hangin’ With Mr. CooperION, 6:00pm –

In part 1 of a 2-part series, Mark (Mark Curry) is torn between a coaching job and a tryout with the Golden State Warriors. Playing in the league has always been Coop’s dream, but who ultimately has his heart. Tim HardawayChris Mullin and Don Nelsonguest star.

Ultimate Thrill: Fast and FrighteningTravel Channel, 7:00pm –

The latest and greatest generation of thrill rides are examined in crystal HDTV clarity tonight as the Travel Channel presents, Ultimate Thrill: Fast and Frightening. Fasten your seatbelt for this one, kiddos!

Access GrantedBET, 8:00pm –

MUST WATCH! Hello, Beautiful’s favorite singer, Musiq Soulchild, will be allowing you an all-access pass on the set of his new video, “Radio.” On BET, tonight at 8 o’clock, be sure to tune in to the latest in hip-hop and R&B.

MonsterQuestHistory Channel, 9:00pm –

The stories of a giant octopus may be fodder for horror sea tales to tuck the lil’ ones in to bed at night, but the History Channel explores the story fully as expert, critic and historians all get together to talk about this mythical monster – able to sink boats – on the Award-winning, MonsterQuest.

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