Okay, Karrine Steffans wants to be taken seriously as a credible author and relationship expert and not as “Superhead” the home wrecking video vixen that jumped in bed with anybody with a rap name or good credit. That’s fair. But what’s not fair is that you’ve made the best sellers list by expoiting your life as the world’s most notorious video hoe and airing out the business of your various johns for the world to see and then getting mad at people that bring it up during interviews.

During some recent interviews to plug her upcoming third book Karrine is bothered that the White people are bringing up the exploits from her first book Dairies of a Video Vixen instead talking about The Vixen Manual, which is some kind of relationship book.

The truth of the matter is nobody cares Karrine. Nobody buys your books for the “relationship advice”. They want “Superhead” and your celebrity-induced literary porn. So go out there, find a D-lister who needs the world to care about him again and, in the words of Drake- “Take that D like the champion you are”.

Check out Karrine Steffans spaz out on interviewers who play her because they care more about her first book than her third.

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