On the heels of releasing new songs “The Field” and “Basic Instinct,” Nipsey Hussle nabs Young Thug, Mozzy, and Sinister Pook for “I Do This.”

Last week, Nipsey previewed the record during his weekly “Marathon Monday” series. The track opens up with a monologue delivered by Sinister Pook.

“Long winded, running through this life like it was mine/ Never settling, but setting every goal high. One thousand blurpees on the path to my own destruction or success. See the best teacher in life is your own experience,” he says. “None of us know who we are until we fail. They say every man is defined by his reaction to any given situation. Well who would you want to define you? Someone else, or yourself?”

“I Do This” is the second collab Nipsey and Thugga have released in the past few weeks. Back in April, they dropped “Thug Life.”

In other Nipsey news, the Cali rapper may be expecting a baby with longtime girlfriend Lauren London. The ATL actress’ family news was accidentally outed by T.I. when he revealed production of ATL 2 was being delayed due to her pregnancy. Neither Lauren or Nipsey have confirmed or denied the report.

Nipsey is currently readying his long-delayed LP Victory Lap, which is scheduled to drop later on this year.

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