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Brannen Greene is counting his blessings. The former basketball guard for the Kansas University Jayhawks and current NBA draft prospect almost lost his life on Friday (May 20) when a car accident literally ended in flames.

His father, Jeffrey Greene, shared details on Saturday:

“Brannen was trapped inside a car as a (ride-sharing service) passenger following an accident at Major Deegan Expressway, Bronx, N.Y., and 233rd St., after arriving from Los Angeles, where he had NBA team workouts,” he said. “The car was struck from behind with so much force it immediately went airborne, came down on a guardrail (with Brannen in back seat), went airborne again and caught fire. It exploded no more than five seconds after he escaped through an opening in a shattered window.”

Police say that Brannen should be dead. Fortunately, he was able to walk away from the accident, though he’s “dealing with mental trauma” and “all-over body aches.”

“He said when the car got hit he felt like he was asleep, dreaming,” Jeffrey continued. “He said, ‘I could see all this fire and I was getting hot.’ He said, ‘I’ve got to get out. I couldn’t get out. I couldn’t find my seatbelt and the wraps. I got scared. I finally hit it and the seat belt came loose. I jumped out the window and started running. Five seconds later it sounded like a bomb (with car engulfed in flames).”

We’re glad he’s okay.

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