Steve Stanulis didn’t have a great experience working as Kim and Kanye‘s bodyguard. He let this be known in a UK interview, so Kanye has threatened to sue the former NYPD cop for $30 million for breaching their confidentiality agreement.

But in a new report from Page Six, Stanulis claims he never signed one.

“After I had finished working with them, and my first comments came out in the press, Kanye’s head of security wanted to meet me and asked me to sign a post-dated confidentiality agreement, and I refused. That would be like putting my head on the guillotine and pulling the lever,” Stanulis alleged to Page Six. “Then somebody seems to have done their best to copy my signature on another confidentiality agreement, which is clearly a fake, and I can prove it. It isn’t my signature, and I have a chain of messages from them asking me to sign an NDA months after this forged one is dated. Kanye is demanding an apology from me, but he owes me an apology for terrorizing me.”

Don Bosco, Stanulis’ attorney added: “Kanye West’s legal claim is based on a forged phony confidentiality agreement. I am surprised his fancy LA attorneys haven’t [done] their due diligence to see the document that they are basing their lawsuit on is fake.”

A source close to Kanye says otherwise, stating that, “Steve signed an NDA in February when he worked for them for the first time, and he forgot about it.”

“They would never base a lawsuit on a forged document,” they told Page Six. “The claim that his signature on the confidentiality agreement is forged is ridiculous and just another desperate attempt by him to escape responsibility for his own wrongful actions.”

According to Page Six, Kanye’s reps declined to comment on the record regarding the validity of the confidentiality agreement.

SOURCE: Page Six, The Sun | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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