Bow Wow opened himself up to the court of social media opinion on Friday, when he started a tweet war with Mr. Twitter himself, Charlamagne Tha God.

A fan tweeted Bow Wow, aka Shad Moss, that Charlamagne had given him Donkey of The Day on his Breakfast Club radio show. Bow went into instant gangster mode and replied:

C Tha God replied (then deleted it) so matter-of-factly, you’d think it would make Bow Wow renege. He tweeted the rapper saying, “@smoss That was a rerun. Im not even there today but God bless you.”

After a fan told Bow Wow to “put dem paws on him,” the actor continued going in on the radio host via Twitter:

Bow Wow may just be fed up with people not putting ‘respeck’ on his name. On Thursday, his ex-fiancée Erica Mena sat down with TMZ Rock Rants and revealed that her relationship with the rapper/actor doesn’t “count.”

“Even though I was engaged to him, it just doesn’t count to me anymore. It never left a real impact. It just happened… I mean it did… I’m not bitter or anything. It’s kind of like, ‘It happened, let’s just leave it and move on,’” she revealed.

Charlamagne has yet to respond to Shad’s tweets, and we doubt he will. But we can trust Twitter to fight his battle for him.

PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter, Getty 

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