Gilbert Arenas is not cooling down! Just one day after publicly spatting with his ex Laura Govan, he’s now threatening to take Power 105’s The Breakfast Club‘s Charlamagne Tha God to court for playing audio of the former NBA all-star and Govan arguing about their four children.

It all started when Charlamagne named Arenas “Donkey of the Day,” after playing an audio recording when he angrily shouts, “F*** you and them kids” in the middle a heated confrontation between Arenas and Govan.

Arenas once again took to Instagram to alert Charlamagne of his intent. The post has since been deleted, but the Internet never forgets. “Im on yo ass like this @cthagodimma about to ride yo #DonkeyAss all thru the courtroom…” he wrote, before warning, “FYI im the type of n***a that will spend 200k to win a 2k judgement #KingPetty hahaha i wins at all cost.”

Interestingly, Charlamagne basically called Arenas’ reaction before it even happened, saying on his show, “I knew that Gilbert Arenas had Instagram thot tendencies based off those long-ass Instagram posts and the excessive hashtag use when he gets in his feelings on the Gram,” he says, “but damn, Gilbert. I didn’t know you had a ratchet-ass lock-my-kids-in-the-closet-while-I-leave-and-go-to-the-club mentality.”

Based on his own Instagram posts, it’s clear that he is rather unfazed by Agent Zero.

Arenas later backtracked, posting a video of his daughter, and tagging Charlamagne once again, but taking a very different tone. “Keep doing you, thats your job, its NEVER personal with you,” he wrote.

Just like he called Arenas’ initial reaction, however, Charlamagne also foresaw a post much like this one. “After hearing this, you are absolutely agent zero. And don’t go posting no long Instagram posts later on today talking about you love your kids and you’ll always be there for your kids and you was just in your feelings,” he said. “Never move off emotions. Move off logic and strategy dumb-ass.”

SOURCE: hiphopdx | PHOTO: Getty

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