LeBron James has been compared to Michael Jordan since he was still rocking the St. Vincent St. Mary uniform.

And recently one of the best coaches to ever step foot on the hardwood, Phil Jackson, subtly compared the two NBA greats on their NBA Finals performances.

It did something to Michael Jordan. You learned something about pulling the cape of Superman. It’s not a good idea. He was a man possessed after that. I think it’s going to take something for LeBron to step into that. Put his cape on and say, “I’m going to have to take over a lot of this series, doing the things beyond my level or my normal capacity.’ He’s been a team player up until this point but I think he’s going to have to step beyond that,” said Jackson.

And Tuesday night, James responded to Jackson’s claims.

I mean, what does that actually mean?” James said to reporters.

I mean, I think for me to go out and be who I am and play as true to the game and as hard as I can and try to lead this team, that’s who I am. Not anybody else. I’m not Michael. I’m not Ali. I’m not nobody else that’s done so many great things for sport. I am who I am, and if I’m able to go out and put together a game like that, it wasn’t because I was possessed. It’s because I worked on my craft all season long and that’s the result of it. Phil’s a great coach. Mike’s a great player. But I am who I am,” said James.

Also, lets not forget the team Jordan around him when he wont four straight Championships which included the eclectic Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen. Neither of which LeBron seems to have on the Cavaliers roster.


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