Every night, The Urban Daily’s resident TV blogger, Kevin L. Clark, gives you his What To Watch rundown for everything on point that’s on television. Here’s what you should check out for the weekend of August 15th-17th!


The Whole Nine YardsHBO, 5:15pm –

It’s not The Longshots, but Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry make The Whole Nine Yardstheir personal ying and yang movie. The cocky, yet charismatic Willis plays a hitman to Perry’s Mr. Scaredity-Cat in this buddy pic.

The NaturalBravo, 6:00pm –

The legendary, Robert Redford, stars in this sports drama about a baseball phenom who’s magic-at-bat is all in the swing. Robert Duvall and Kim Basinger also co-star in this Barry Levinson film.

Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Dallas CowboysHBO, 7:00pm –

In this series opener, Adam ‘Pac-Man’ Jones and Patrick Crayton compete in a punt-catching contest and an earthquake shakes up the boys at camp.

Ocean’s ThirteenHBO, 8:00pm –

This colorful cast of characters that include the late Bernie MacBrad Pitt and George Clooney are up to their old tricks again as they try to “break the Bank” of Al Pacino’s“Willy Bank” – the most hated businessman in Vegas.

Men in BlackTBS, 9:00pm –

MUST WATCH! Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones star are out-of-this-world, literally, with Men in Black. Unbeknownst to Smith, aliens exist and live amongst us, yet together with Jones – they must protect the world with a dazzling array of weapons and humor that’s unlike anything on Earth.

Beverly Hills CopTVLAND, 10:00pm –

MUST WATCH! The second biggest hit of 1984 (first was Ghostbusters), Eddie Murphy stars as “Axel Foley” in Beverly Hills Cop. After Foley loses his friend to murder, he stays in the land of swimming pool and movie stars to solve the case and avenge his homeboy. Genius Murphy comedy at its finest.


Secret Life Of…FOOD Channel, 6:00pm –

MUST WATCH On Secret Life Of… the history of America’s favorite lunchbreakfast and dinner – hamburgers – is discussed with experts and legends of the fast food industry discussing the ins and outs of the business.

Freedom Writers, Showtime, 6:55pm –

Based on true events, Hilary Swank plays the exceptional Erin Gruwell in Freedom Writers. A play on the Civil Rights activist term – “Freedom Riders” – Gruwell pushes her class to reach beyond their real-world limitations and allow their imagination to explore the world.

Bowling For ColumbineIFC, 7:00pm –

Although Farhenheit 9/11 managed to piss people off and alert heads about the “State of the Union,” Michael Moore’s film on gun laws and control in America also did a lot to anger the Left and the Right. If pissing off Charlton Heston is your idea of weekend entertainment, as it surely is mines, be sure to not miss Bowling For Columbine on IFC.

No ReservationsHBO, 8:00pm –

Aaron Eckhart and Catherine Zeta-Jones come from two different worlds as they make begin to work with one another in this remake of the German hit Mostly Martha.

Roll BounceVH1, 9:00pm –

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be out and about once the credits start on Roll Bounce. This Bow Wow starring vehicle, with Tropic Thunder’s Brandon T. Jackson, playing childhood friends who lose their neighborhood skating rink and must compete with the buppie kids in their fancy rink – 70’s style. Cameos from Wayne BradyMike Epps and Charlie Murphy make this a hilarious way to end your Saturday before hittin’ up the clubs.


Back in the DayShowtime, 6:45pm –

Ja Rule stars as Reggie Cooper, a honest, but sad man, trying to cope with the death of his father. Upon grieving, he meets up with an old friend, J-Bone (Ving Rhames). When love in the form of Tatyana Ali forces Cooper to choose a life of love or a life of crime, the tale unfolds with a bang.

Walking Tall, TNT, 8:00pm –

The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, stars in this remake of the 1973 film of the same name, as Sheriff Buford Pusser. As Chris Vaughn, the town he’s known and loved has fallen on hard times as crime is on the rise and the cops are on the take; Vaughn must stop it.

We Are Together: The Children of Agape ChoirHBO, 9:00pm –

MUST WATCH! A moving chronicle of the three years in the lives of children at a South African orphanage who have all lost their parents to the AIDS virus. The kids gain international recognition as a choir, ultimately leading to a trip to New York City and a performance with Paul Simon and Alicia Keys.

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