The late, great Muhammad Ali is considered the greatest boxer to have ever participated in the sport. But even greats have people they respect and admire, and for Ali, it was Mike Tyson.

Whenever fight fans begin discussing the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, Tyson and Ali are often mentioned in the same sentence. The pair became friends back in the ’90s when a retired Ali and a youthful-spirited Tyson were at opposite ends of their career.

After the legend’s passing last Friday, the world awaited Tyson’s response. The former heavyweight champ took to Twitter to send his condolences to his dear friend:

But it was their meeting on The Arsenio Hall Show in August 1989 that would symbolically cement Ali passing Tyson the torch as “The Greatest.” When Arsenio asked Ali who would win the fight between he and Tyson if he was in his prime, Ali pointed at Tyson, saying, “I’m scared of him.”

Check out the ultra nostalgic video below. RIP to the world champ.

SOURCE: YouTube, Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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