The Lil B curse has found its next victim.

As Kevin Durant and James Harden were defeated by the Warriors, Lil B sat down for an interview with ESPN‘s SportsNation to talk about the infamous curse. He first mentions that if Durant leaves the Oklahoma City Thunder, the curse will follow him before naming who else is on his list.

And that just so happens to be the Lakers point guard D’Angelo Russell.

What could possibly happen to him that’s worse than where he is right now?” host Michelle Beadle asked.

After all, Russell wasn’t happy with the minutes he received this season, and he recorded and posted a video of Nick Young allegedly admitting he cheated on Iggy Azalea.

Lil B says the curse only applies to the on-the-court performance and gave a shout out to Nick and his fiancée, calling them “beautiful people.”

Lakers fans beware.

SOURCE: For The Win, Twitter | IMAGE CREDIT: Getty

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