It’s beyond us why anyone would come for someone’s child, but a Cavaliers fan tried it and suffered the harsh consequences as a result.

LoveBScott reports that Sydel Curry, Steph Curry‘s sister, tweeted that she was on her way to support her brother as the Warriors played against the Cavaliers in Game 3. Not long after, a person with the handle @SoftCaramelKiss (Moe) tweeted to Sydell:

“You and your whole family get the f*** out of Cleveland and take Riley’s fag**t a** with you”

Sydel was unbothered:

. . .but the tweet was soon picked up by a Warriors fan page and caught the eye of a user named @cheryll, who sent it over to Moe’s employer:

Bet they’ll never try something like that again.

SOURCE: The Shade Room, LoveBScott, Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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