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Every night, The Urban Daily’s resident TV blogger, Kevin L. Clark, gives you his What To Watch rundown for everything on point that’s on television. Here’s what you should check out for Monday, August 18th!

Deep Blue SeaCINEMAX, 6:05pm –

No, it’s not a love story about how Ray J met Kim Kardashian – this LL Cool J starring flick about sharks with a major appetite airs tonight at 6:05 on Cinemax. Just don’t eff with James Todd Smith… his hat is like a shark’s fin (whatever that means…).

E.T.: The Extra TerrestialABCFAM, 7:30pm –

The revised 20th anniversary of this Steven Spielberg classic tale of boy-meets-alien runs tonight on ABCFAM, so grab the kiddies and relive your own childhood. Henry ThomasDrew Berrymore and C. Thomas Howell star in this critically acclaimed flick!

Devil in a Blue DressFLIXe, 8:00pm –

Walter Mosley’s story about Easy Rawlins adapted for film stars Denzel Washingtonrunning after a girl in a blue dress. Sounds pretty weak, huh? Well, you haven’t read Mosley’s salacious tale of murder, politics, sex and scandal! As an out of work World War II vet, Washington is trapped in a web of lies and backstabbing when he agrees to look for a politician’s girlfriend.

Monday Night RawUSA, 9:00pm –

If you still think Raw is for chumps, check out the facts – ObamaMcCain and Clinton all made appearances on Vince McMahon’s male soap opera and with over 45 million views and ratings that have competed with the NBA Finals, Monday Night Raw is one to check out for sure!

Knocked UpCinemax, 10:00pm –

MUST WATCH! Bummed out about how bad Pineapple Express was? Hoping that the new kings of Hollywood comedy haven’t lost their step? Well, check them out in their former glory with Knocked Up! Starring Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl in this hilarious comedy of what happens when a one-night stand goes white; Knocked Up is surely one to watch for Monday night laughs!

Kung Fu Killer, Pt. IISpike, 10:00pm –

A lounge singer is kidnapped (or is it grown-napped?) along with a classmate and martial artist who sets out with his protégé to free them all from the sex trade. Sounds absurd, right? Well, when you have Daryl Hannah and David CarradineKill Bill reunion, airing toinght at 10:00pm on Spike.

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