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If you Google the name Vivica A. will have a laundry list of roles featuring the South Bend, Indiana actress. But you and I know homegirl from ‘round the way when she shook those hips in a bar full men focused on illegal aliens (Independence Day) and it was love at first sight from then on. Ms. Fox has gone on to more behind-the-scenes roles and stepped into the reality TV circus with her own show, Glam God. As this new reality ringleader sits down with The Urban Daily, she discusses why her show is different than the rest, explains what are five unbreakable rules of fashion and says why you’ll only see her “caught on tape” when it hits stores on DVD.

The Urban Daily: Vivica, you’ve been in Hollywood for awhile, why join the ranks of reality TV?

Vivica A. Fox: Why not? If that’s what’s happening right now, you gotta make it do, what it do, baby! You know, I never put restrictions on what I’m going to do. I’ll always take a lemon and make it into lemonade. Right now, reality TV is what’s happening! That’s what America wants to see, right now, you know…? I think the reason why reality shows are so popular is because it gives everyday people a chance at becoming a star.

TUD: Can you talk a little bit about your show, Glam God?

VF: Absolutely! Glam God with Vivica A. Fox is my show. We take 12 stylists and move them into a loft in downtown Los Angeles. We give them what is called “hot trend challenges: and they’re competitions that take place at celebrity driven red carpet events. You have them going to movie premieres, going to a hot Hollywood party and going to the Oscar’s. It’s a show where the do’s and don’ts of being on the red carpet are exposed and the stylist must see and have what it takes to be the most stylish out of them all. We’re also trying to educate the public on what the magazines and celebrities are wearing for these types of events. We’re trying to let the public know what’s appropriate and what’s not!

TUD: So, that’s how you’re trying to get people to understand what’s fashionable and not fashionable?

VF: Yeah! One must always dress appropriately, you know…? You never want to get caught on that camera because if you did and you looked bad, people would think, ‘What the hell was she thinking?’ When bad clothes happen to good people it’s crazy, you know…? So, we’re just here to let people know the do’s and don’ts in regards to styling tips and tricks for looking good at either red carpet events or parties.

TUD: Who are your most fashionable females?

VF: My favorite looks of fashion are definitely – Jada Pinkett-Smith. Right now, she is just slaughtering the red carpet at every event. She’s showing up just absolutely beautiful and classy! I love Charlize Theron – she looks great. Demi Moore looks fabulous to me. Demi Moore looks fabulous to me and so does Gabrielle Union. She’s doing a great job of stepping up her style! Jennifer Lopez is flawless. She never fails. That’s definitely a style icon right there! Sanaa Lathan and Kerry Washington definitely are doing their thing, you know…? Ms. Washington has stepped her game up! That’s what you’re hoping for when you’re looking absolutely beautiful – more exposure. That’s when you’ve seen yourself on the red carpet and you’ve learned. Some people don’t. Some people just turn up and look raggedity every time. To me, that’s just not a good look, boo-boo, just not a good look!

TUD: With your work in movies and the entertainment business – do you like TV or being in movies more?

VF: I’m really am not prejudice against television or movies to be honest with you. Those are wonderful opportunities to have – being on Celebrity Family Feud with my family. People got a chance to see me with my family and they got a chance to see what it’s like to be on the other side of the fence. They’re usually at home watching me and they call me afterwards. So, for them to be involved in what I do and all of the lights, cameras and action – was a really wonderful experience for them and also for me! Being up against Mo’nique and her family was fun! We beat ‘em, we beat ‘em, we shut ‘em down [laughs]! It was a little too much sista-girlfriend for Al Roker, I think, though [laughs]. It was fun, though!

TUD: What are five unbreakable rules of fashion?

VF: Hmm… Good question. Five unbreakable rules of style are that you can never wear shoes that are gonna kill your feet. Always dress appropriately. Make sure that you got a good fit on your clothing that’s been tailored to fit you. You don’t want to walk around looking like you’re wearing a trash bag. Always, always, always have your hair, makeup and toes done!

TUD: That sounds pretty on point, Vivica…

VF: See, you trying to get me to call people out, no, no, no… [laughs]. I just think that all the young actresses should really pay attention to what’s next, what’s current and keep your eye on fashion, so that when you go on the red carpet, you’re able to dress appropriately. They’re new to the game and their budget may not afford them to buy all the clothes that are in style. That also goes for older actresses, too! Don’t come in there looking like somebody’s grandmama. Just ‘cause you’re older, don’t mean you get to go around lookin’ like the sun has set. I don’t have a problem with a lady looking like a lady. Iman is another style icon who’s in her fifties and she looks beautiful, current, fresh.

TUD: Do you believe when Obama becomes president that black women will want more out of us, black men?

VF: We should absolutely! I mean I think we always do, I just think that we’ve lowered our expectations on what we will except and what we will deal with and what we will not deal with. The standards have definitely been lowered… I, myself, right now, I’m looking for someone, so that the next time I get in a relationship, he will be equally yoked. When I say that I mean spiritually, mentally, and financially. To tell you the truth, even white girls have a hard time finding good men. It’s just the dating scene, right now. They don’t take the time to really get to know a person, a lot of people are afraid to be alone, but by being alone you find yourself and are able to decide if you want to have a relationship or not after knowing what you, yourself wants.

TUD: What’s stopping you from walking down the aisle?

VF: I’ve walked down the aisle… I’ve been married before [laughs]! I didn’t take enough time to get to know my husband and that’s why the marriage didn’t work. I should’ve taken more time. But I had a beautiful marriage and a beautiful wedding. I did my Cinderella thing for the day and it was fun! Right now, I’m really focused on my career and that’s just where my focus is. I’m also taking the time to get to know myself before I meet a person, right now. After I do that, then I’d date. I don’t want to end up by myself, but right now, that ain’t happening with Vivica.

TUD: How would you say that your style is?

VF: I would say that my style is simply classic, glamorous and completely tailored.

TUD: Who are your favorite designers?

VF: I absolutely love GucciValentino is also some of my favorites. St. John and Dolce & Gabbana are a few of my favorite designers to wear.

TUD: A friend of mines hipped me up to Caught on Tape – a new movie you have coming out soon. I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about that and what was the worst time someone has caught you on tape.

VF: Caught me on tape? Oh, gosh! I did the movie a long time ago. Gosh! It’s been maybe… two or three years since we wrapped that project up. Sometimes those things happen though. Things go through and they get pushed back because of not having any distribution. Or sometimes it just takes a little bit longer to get out than anticipated. The movie was fun because it was rappin’ and an opera with drama which was really fun. It was good to be doing the thing with the music, but it felt like we were filming a stage play. As far as being “caught on tape,” I live in a gated private community, honey… That’s not gon’ happen! I try to be a little bit more protective about my personal life, especially since the paparazzi has turned into the stalkerazzi. With Glam God, hoping we can bring a little style and class to reality TV, I’m glad you all will be tuning in because I’m just trying to make a difference.

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