It turns out Michael Jordan isn’t just an impeccable athlete, but he is also quite the poet.

We knew MJ had a way with words because he’s such a talented trash-talker but he’s also pretty smooth with the ladies too.

ESPN‘s Darren Rovell revealed on Twitter that a poem Jordan wrote to a girl in grade school is being auctioned off next week.

The poem is titled “Only You” and reads “Only you can brighten my day,” Jordan wrote. “Only you can show me the way. Only you can except my love. You and the great man above. Only you can kiss my cheek. When I with you I never fear defeat. I hope you grow very, very tall. Because right now you haven’t grown at all. My face shows happiness and blue. Because I will love Only You.”

The poem will be up for auction soon at Goldin Auctions.


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